Multi-Hyphenate Hustlin': B. Simone Makes $100K In Two Months, Plus Other Money Moves She Made This Year

The beauty market is currently worth more than $532 billion and B. Simone is hungry for her piece of the pie.

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If you blinked, you may have missed B. Simone's come-up, which is actually more than a decade in the making. This year alone, the multi-hyphenate hustler has locked in a tour with some of the most acclaimed comedians in the industry, hosted Will Smith's birthday party, and lived her best life alongside some of our favorite stars; but reaching her latest milestone hit a different for the self-made mogul.

Yesterday in an emotional Instagram post, B. Simone revealed that she had just reached $100,000 in sales in only two short months. The business owner launched her cosmetic company B. Simone Beauty two months ago and has since proven its ability to thrive in a saturated industry.

According to a report by Business Insider, the beauty market is currently worth more than $532 billion and B. Simone is hungry for her piece of the pie. Although the 29-year-old entertainer is currently making major moves in the beauty industry, cosmetics isn't her only hustle, proving that creating multiple streams of income always pays off.

Here are four more money moves B. Simone made in 2019 that will inspire you to level up your income in 2020:

Launching Her Beauty Brand

A year ago, B. Simone started a lip gloss line; a year later, issa six-figure earning company. Although the process of B.Simone Beauty didn't happen in the time others expected it to, it happened exactly when it was supposed to. The entertainer said patience, dedication, and faith kept her sane when she felt rushed or impatient.

Merch On Merch On Merch 

B. Simone is known for taking a viral moment and monetizing it like a MF boss. Her #GetOverTheDtox sets were a true example of using what you have to elevate your brand and proved that what you think is a simple concept can be the key to a goldmine.

Taking A 'Girl's Cruise' With Her BFF, Chilli, Mya, & Lil' Kim

Sis literally drove the boat when she accompanied Pretty Vee, Chilli, Lil' Kim and Mya on a Girl's Cruise that we could probably all use right about now. We got to see a more vulnerable side of the entertainer on the show, who made some lifelong friends along the way.

Leveraging Her Love Life

Dating is hard for everyone. So B. Simone did it on a TV show. Along with diving into the reality TV realm, B. Simone increased her visibility and kissed some pretty cute guys in the process.

Purpose is powerful AF; even more so when you don't realize that you have it. B. Simone harnessed that purpose and monetized it.

What's your move?

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