ItGirls From The South
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ItGirls From The South

Our Sisters in the South have something to say! Down here is where grit meets grace and good ol' tradition cozies up with groundbreaking exploits. These "ItGirls" shine bright like a diamond, contributing to the culture in their unique, creative ways and pioneering a generation that's all about influence and intention.⁠

Read about five of our ItGirls here, but be sure to check out the full ItGirl 100 List.

Amber Grimes



Amber Grimes is the EVP and GM of Love Renaissance Records and oversees the company’s daily operations, marketing, and revenue strategies. She is the host of Amazon Music's "Hello, My Name Is" and the creator of a community-centered Nonfiction Book Club.




DJ OHSO is a leading DJ and cultured entertainer, headlining shows and festivals nationwide. Her sonic style has earned her respect from Radar Radio in London and Sway In The Morning while independently garnering over 2 million streams of her mixes worldwide.

Janerika Owens



Janerika Owens is a skilled sports journalist who believes in putting athletes' stories first. She excels at creating engaging narratives that captivate her audience. Janerika was the youngest journalist in the room during the 2024 Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend.




Jaycina is a signed model and the founding Executive Director of Tender, a nonprofit building a safety net for single mothers living in Atlanta. Jaycina has appeared in campaigns for brands like Fenty and GAP and has been featured in magazines and billboards across the US.

Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins



Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins is a visual storyteller and founder of Black Girls In Art Spaces. Through her art, she’s created a stage for Black folks to feel illuminated in their existence. Her mission is to create spaces for Black women to connect through the arts.




As they say, create the change you want to see in this world, besties. That’s why xoNecole linked up with Hyundai for the inaugural ItGirl 100 List, a celebration of 100 Genzennial women who aren’t afraid to pull up their own seats to the table. Across regions and industries, these women embody the essence of discovering self-value through purpose, honey! They're fierce, they’re ultra-creative, and we know they make their cities proud.


InAbout Face, xoNecole gets the 411 on IGers who give us #skincaregoals on a daily. Here they break down their beauty routines on the inside and out, as well as the highly coveted products that grace their shelves and their skin.

Brianna Ellis captured our hearts with her witty humor and endless love for travel. Her energy captivated 20,000 viewers while sharing her outlook on life. Today, we get to know her views on beauty, which are entirely left-field from what she typically shares online. Ellis arrives on the Zoom call, like how she shows up on her socials, fresh-faced with a smile. The content creator radiates as she opens up about navigating the world of beauty. “My relationship with makeup especially hasn’t always been the best,” shares Ellis.