Damson Idris Shares Details About His ‘Great’ Relationship With Lori Harvey Amid Breakup Rumors
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Damson Idris Shares Details About His ‘Great’ Relationship With Lori Harvey Amid Breakup Rumors

Snowfall star Damson Idris is head over heels for his new girlfriend, Lori Harvey, and he isn't afraid to show it.

The 31-year-old has been romantically linked to the model and entrepreneur since December 2022 following Harvey's high-profile relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan. Idris and Harvey would confirm the dating rumors the following month by sharing intimate social media posts.

In a recent interview with Complex, Idris talked about his newfound romance and why he is more receptive to publicly sharing their union despite maintaining a private life throughout his career.

Damson Idris On His Relationship With Lori Harvey

The actor told the publication on March 27 that the reason surrounding his openness is because of growth and not allowing others' opinions to deter him from sharing the joyous moments in his life.

Idris added that although the perception of life and social media can often be misconstrued, he can differentiate the two because of his past experiences.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just growing. I'm just learning. I'm not letting certain things affect me, and I'm also understanding that life is life and that social media is social media," he said.

"Sometimes you may do different things. Sometimes you may act out of touch sometimes, but you learn. People are able to look at those choices and learn. With my private life today, with my relationship today, it's great. Life is great, and I'm just moving forward."

When asked how hard it was to keep his relationship with Harvey a secret in the early stages, Idris expressed that it was difficult. Still, because the pair is in the public eye, many made a commotion over their romance before and after it was confirmed.

The Swarm star disclosed that overall, he wants the world to acknowledge that despite him and Harvey being well-known, they are simply people.

"It is tough to keep those things a secret, but you know our lives are under a magnifying glass. And people need to understand that people are people. People in the public eye are people. As I said, it's great, and life is great," Idris said when explaining how things were going between him and the model.

Idris' New Interview Debunks Rumored Split With Harvey

This interview comes a week after a report on MediaTakeOut shared that Idris and Harvey had split following their months-long relationship. At the time, the publication stated that the breakup stemmed from Idris and Harvey's union running its course.

Since then, in addition to Idris' recent interview, he and Harvey have denied those claims by sharing Instagram posts of one another.

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