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This Content Creator's Two-Step Skincare Routines Are A Refreshing Take On Less Is More

InAbout Face, xoNecole gets the 411 on IGers who give us #skincaregoals on a daily. Here they break down their beauty routines on the inside and out, as well as the highly coveted products that grace their shelves and their skin.

Brianna Ellis captured our hearts with her witty humor and endless love for travel. Her energy captivated 20,000 viewers while sharing her outlook on life. Today, we get to know her views on beauty, which are entirely left-field from what she typically shares online. Ellis arrives on the Zoom call, like how she shows up on her socials, fresh-faced with a smile. The content creator radiates as she opens up about navigating the world of beauty. “My relationship with makeup especially hasn’t always been the best,” shares Ellis.

As a child, Ellis was active in the dance community. She was often performing in shows and competitions. The dance world required Ellis to wear makeup at an early age. A full face became a part of Ellis's beauty routine, causing her to rebel against makeup altogether. In her charm and wit, she describes the frustration of feeling heavy makeup on her skin. The dance community's views on beauty differed from those she was raised in childhood. Ellis says, “My mom always told me I was beautiful just the way I was, so it was hard to hear that and have to wear a full face of makeup.” Still, Ellis sat in the chair and watched as a makeup artist corrected the parts of her skin that she viewed as perfection.

Ellis’s conflicting views on beauty continued in her college years. Women seemed to prioritize physical appearance more than mental presence in their classes. These stigmas often made Ellis feel she wanted to be “one of the girls,” but not to the degree they presented at the time. Her adolescence became triggered with curiosity. At the same time, her inner child reminds her of what she once experienced. Constantly trying to decide between inner beauty or outer beauty, but never feeling like both could coexist. These are the internal conflicts women face daily due to the conditionings of society.

Brianna-Ellis-about-face-xoNecole-skincare-routineIn a world of intense beauty routines, content creator Brianna Ellis believes less is more. Courtesy

Keeping things simple in her adult years has become a silent pushback towards the beauty standards that were placed upon her childhood essence. In a world of intense beauty routines, Ellis believes less is more. Opting for lighter makeup looks over full coverage and consistently keeping her skin together with her mother's teachings: drinking lemon water, using tea tree oil, and going to church on Sundays. She is learning that women can indeed have both. We can be the makeup aesthetic of our choosing and opt for a fresh face while out with friends.

"We are all beautiful just the way we are, so we don't need much."

Ellis teaches us that women's beauty doesn’t lie within products but the wisdom of what it truly means to be a woman. “We are all beautiful just the way we are, so we don’t need much. This how I was raised to view beauty and will always continue to view it as such,” says Ellis. As a beauty writer of several years, I am moved by Ellis's rebellious stance on beauty. Her skincare routine stands true to her to the teachings she preaches. I listened in awe as she shared the details of her skincare routine - simple, refreshing, and daringly forward.

Keep scrolling for more insight into Brianna Ellis's morning and night skincare routines.

Her Morning Skincare Routine: 

Tea Tree Oil


Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Natural Essential Oil


“I love using this because it smells great and clears my skincare,” says Ellis. Always remember to dilute tea tree oil before putting it on your skin.

Good Molecules Lightweight Daily Moisturizer


Good Molecules Lightweight Daily Moisturizer


“It has the best cooling feeling when you put it on your face. I love it!”

Her Nighttime Skincare Routine:



Amazon Basics Alcohol


“My mom uses this, and so do I. We love it because it cleans the skin after a long day.”

Kiehl's Under Eye Cream


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye


“This helps with undereye bags.”

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