Sabrina Elba Uses A Blood-Infused Face Cream In Her Skincare Routine
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Sabrina Elba Uses A Blood-Infused Face Cream In Her Skincare Routine

Sabrina and Idris Elba are national treasures that should be protected at all costs.

The couple recently announced that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and confirmed the self-quarantine hype. If you aren't on a mandated self-lockdown by now, you probably should be, and Sabrina has the perfect skincare tutorial to get you through without losing your sanity.

In a recent episode of ELLE UK's "Wake Up With Me", Sabrina opened up about the morning routine that helps her slay the day, and according to her, it always starts by checking in with her mom and and her ridiculously delicious husband:

Sabrina Elba On Morning 'Us' Time With Husband Idris And Blood-Infused Moisturiser | Waking Up Withwww.youtube.com

"Usually, my husband's here but I'm traveling and he's working and we would have my 'us time'. That's probably the first thing I do every morning with him. Just check-in, make sure we're good and then we can carry on about our days and it's just a nice way to start."

Along with QT with loved ones, Sabrina says that her plasma-infused moisturizer is the key to getting herself all the way together for the day ahead:

"Barbara Strum can make a face cream using your plasma. So she takes a bit of blood, mixes it around, separates the plasma, makes it into her face cream. Kind of sounds gross, but it works really well and it's made just for you."

For more details on Sabrina's morning routine, scroll below!

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