The Skincare Truths That Keep Bianca Lawson Swimming In The Fountain Of Youth

Bianca Lawson has been crowned our forever #SkinGoals.

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If you're dying to know the truth behind the skincare secrets that have kept Bianca Lawson swimming in the fountain of youth for the last two decades, you're not alone my good sis, and xoNecole has you covered on all the details.

The Queen Sugar star has been our skincare goals since booking her debut role in Saved by the Bell in 1993, and 27 years later, Bianca hasn't aged a day. According to Bianca, the secret to keeping her glow on go is remembering that less is more. She told FabFitFun:

"I've been using the same products since high school. I feel like the more you leave yourself alone, the better. When people are constantly changing products and doing what the 'new' thing is—it drives your skin, hair and body crazy. Stick with what's working and listen to your body."

Along with keeping her water intake high, Bianca explained that although it's easy to be enticed by pricey skincare products, she's often found that a budget-friendly routine is much more efficient. She explained:

"I absolutely do not think expensive equals better. Usually, it's actually the opposite. I honestly have better results with the less expensive stuff—the simpler the better."

I believe that Black women are like wine, we get better as we age, and Bianca is living proof of this fact. During the interview, she advised that keeping a simple, consistent routine will ensure that your Black won't crack:

"Interestingly, makeup artists used to put way more makeup on me when I was younger. Now I actually wear far less makeup, which I prefer. I hate having tons of makeup on, and I pretty much never wear makeup in my day to day life."

Another skincare hack that keeps Bianca looking as good as she feels is remembering to do something she loves––every damn day. She told BlackGirlNerds:

"I think a part of it is not stressing out about it and using the same products forever. My Dad is always busy and always doing something and going forward and living your life that keeps you youthful. Living a healthy lifestyle, staying out of trouble, and keeping things very simple [is what I do]. I've seen people who have aged 10 years in one year, and they had their passion, their purpose, they were working, and they were really active in life and then something happened and they lost that thing. I think being on pause and not engaging in life anymore you don't feel as fulfilled."

Featured image by Instagram/@biancajasminelawson.

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