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Ari Lennox Recounts Her Traumatic IUD Experience Gone Wrong: ‘I Did Collapse’

Singer Ari Lennox is opening up about the challenges women go through with birth control options.

In a candid clip shared on social media, the “Shea Butter Baby” artist revealed the details of the traumatic experience she had while getting an IUD (intrauterine device) for birth control that led to her collapse.

"I almost collapsed. I did collapse. The little insert joint, collapsation,” she shared in the video. “First of all, I went by myself. I’m talking ’bout the sh— women go through, y’all."

The Dreamville singer highlighted the intensity of the situation, detailing the hormonal changes like weight gain and heightened emotions that she already experiences during her menstrual cycle.

“Birth control is hard because you can do the hormonal ones,” Lennox says. “Now you’re dealing with all kinds of hormonal stuff, and you’re gaining weight, and there’s a lot of emotions — I already have a lot of emotions.”

“The idea of like birth control on top of that? Oh my God. It’s literally giving The Purge,” she continued by likening her intense experience to a dystopian action film.

Lennox recounted having to stop during her drive back from the appointment, ultimately needing assistance from a friend to get her home.

"I thought I could drive myself. I was in so much pain. I drove into a CVS parking lot of the CVS [in Atlanta],” she said. “I couldn’t move. I couldn’t drive home. I was in so much pain. I had to lay down until I felt better.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, an IUD is a form of birth control a healthcare provider inserts into your uterus. IUDs are the most commonly used type of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), and once inserted, you don’t have to worry about birth control until it’s time to replace it (three to 10 years, depending on the brand).

While IUDs and contraceptive implants are considered the most effective form of birth control that doesn't require surgery, the side effects can be severe for some. Copper IUDs may worsen menstrual cramps and prompt heavier period bleeding for the first few months following insertion, along with extreme pelvic cramps and pain. For hormonal IUDs, some women can experience irregular or missed periods after insertion.

Women deserve to know their birth control options. If you’re considering using an IUD as your main source of contraception, it’s advised to discuss potential side effects with your healthcare provider. Contact them for guidance and potential removal.

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