Zazie Beetz Blends Personality & Style Into Her Makeup Routine
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Zazie Beetz Blends Personality & Style Into Her Makeup Routine

Whether glammed up or a natural beat, a good makeup look always has a way of brightening up an outfit and an attitude. And thanks to YouTube University, I must say my subpar skills are starting to increase a bit. The most recent lesson came from Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz in the latest Vogue Beauty Secrets video, where in addition to mentioning that production for the FX series has started filming again, also shared a how-to on one of her artistic daytime makeup looks.

Zazie shared that for years she wasn't allowed to wear makeup and didn't start until she was encouraged to by casting agents. However, after hours in Sephora and a lot of trial and error, she seems to have her style down-packed. And as always, we've recapped it, so you can give it a try!

Zazie begins her beauty routine with one of the most important elements, skincare.

She starts by washing her face with Soy Fresh cleanser. "The only thing that is actually a routine in my life is brushing my teeth and washing my face, every morning and every night. I don't care how late it is, I don't care how tired I am. I'm going to wash my face."

Next, she exfoliates with a lip scrub from Fresh and moisturizes her face with True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil. She explains how this is supposed to help with acne and managing breakouts. Then she moves to sunscreen, which she confesses to having a love/hate relationship with.

"I just find it's really hard to find one that doesn't turn me blue, that doesn't break me out. A lot of them even make my eyes sting." She continues, "Right now La Roche-Posay is the one that I'm enjoying."

Next, she applies caramel lip gloss, again by Fresh, before lathering her face and arms in good old-fashioned Palmer's cocoa butter.

Now, the makeup process begins.

Zazie is big on simplicity and artistic expression and it shows through her makeup routine. "I feel like, 'Choose a thing, accentuate it, and then let everything lie in a way.'" She begins that method by applying Fenty Beauty primer to her face before lightly adding a small amount of Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation.

Then, she adds Fenty Beauty's Cool Berry Blush to her cheeks, nose, and the corners of her eyes to create a "fresh and springy look." Now, here's where things get fun, with a purple liquid wet and wild eyeliner she lines the top of her eyelids before tracing it with a Fenty beauty eyeshadow.

"It makes it stick better, and I do it a couple of times. This line I'm creating won't melt off."

Afterward, she uses a Wet n Wild eyebrow pencil to tight line and elongate her eyes and mascara to extend her lashes. Zazie likes to keep her furry brows natural, only adding brow gel to shape them.

Finally, she uses her favorite lip liner, Yves Saint-Laurent, making sure to cover her cupid bow before going over it with Fenty Beauty Goji Gang.

At this point, it looks like everything is complete, but there's one more important step.

Add personality.

"It sounds cliche but makeup feels like a canvas. Like, I like to draw; I draw a lot. So for me, makeup is like – I get to draw my face. I do stars or all kinds of stuff."

And with that, she picks back up the Wet n Wild purple liquid eyeliner, and uses her natural beauty mark as a starting spot to draw a small heart on her face. She completes the look with a smile, "It feels friendly to me, and I feel friendly."

For more on Zazie's makeup routine check out Vogue's Beauty Secret here.

Zazie Beetz’s Guide to Artful Eyeliner & Three-Step Skin Care Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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