What To Know About Season 5 Of 'Grown-ish'
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What To Know About Season 5 Of 'Grown-ish'

Grown-ish is returning with a new beginning! The popular Black-ish spinoff is gearing up to release its fifth season on July 20 and there are some major changes. Yara Shahidi, who plays Zoey Johnson, and her friends graduated from the California University of Liberal Arts last season but that doesn’t mean we have seen the last of some of them. The trailer dropped last week and it showed some returning faces, new additions, and one Johnson following in the footsteps of their big sister Zoey.

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Who’s New to the Cast in 'Grown-ish' Season 5?

Black-ish fans may be excited to see Zoey’s brother Andre Johnson Jr. aka Junior, played by Marcus Scribner attend his sister’s alma mater after deciding to leave his 9-5. We will see him find his own way and make friends as a freshman at the liberal arts university. One of the characters we see Junior form a special bond with has a personal connection to Luca (Luka Sabbat). Kiela, played by Danielle Perkins, is Luca’s little sister and was first introduced in the fourth season. She and Junior develop a romantic relationship and in the most Grown-ish way, Zoey walks in on them during an intimate moment.

Along with Junior, we see singer Justine Skye join the series as Annika, who according to Deadline, is “a funny, sharp, and extremely ambitious freshman.” Another new addition to the cast is supermodel Slick Woods, whose character seems to imitate real life as she plays a style icon. Rounding out the cast is Tara Raani who plays Zaara, a first-generation Muslim-American who is queer, Amelie Zilber who plays Lauryn, Ceyair Wright, who plays Zeke, and Matthew Sato, who plays Brandon.

Who’s Leaving the 'Grown-ish' Cast in Season 5?

While we get to see Luca’s sister this season, Luca himself will not be returning. Francia Raisa, who played Ana, Emily Arlook, who played Nomi, Chlöe Bailey, who played Jazz, Halle Bailey, who played Sky, and Jordan Buhat, who played Vivek also won’t be back. Many of the former cast have some highly–anticipated projects coming out. Chlöe has a solo album on the way while her sister Halle will be starring in The Little Mermaid. And Francia snagged the leading role in How I Met Your Father.

Who’s Returning to 'Grown-ish' in Season 5?

Kiela will reportedly return as a series regular and Diggy Simmons and Trevor Jackson will also reappear on the show. Viewers will get to see Diggy, who plays Doug, and Trevor, who plays Aaron, navigate life post-graduation. Aaron is back at Cal U but this time we will see him take on the role of an assistant professor.

Check out the trailer below:

grown-ish | Season 5 Trailer | A New Beginning

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