Tyler Lepley Reveals Why His Relationship With Miracle Watts Is The Foundation He Needs
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Tyler Lepley Reveals Why His Relationship With Miracle Watts Is The Foundation He Needs

Actor Tyler Lepley opened up about the profound impact his longtime partner Miracle Watts has had on his life, emphasizing how she consistently brings him an overwhelming sense of peace.

For context, Lepley and Watts' romance began after the pair met during the season two taping of Starz's hit series P-Valley. The couple portrayed love interests Big Bone and Diamond in the show. Lepley and Watts' onscreen romance transitioned into reality as the actress unveiled in an Instagram post that they have allegedly been in a relationship since June 2021.

Since then, Lepley and Watts have showcased their love on social media numerous times. Most recently, the couple expanded their family by welcoming their first child, a son named Xi Lei Lepley. In addition to his son with Watts, Lepley also has two other children from a previous relationship.

During a discussion panel at Essence Fest earlier this month, Lepley shared why he feels his relationship with Watts is a solid foundation.

Tyler On His Relationship With Miracle

When asked what the Harlem star loves about Black women, mainly his partner, Lepley revealed that he admires Watts' ability to rectify any situation he may be going through in the outside world by supporting him through his struggles and being the peace he needs.

"I'm going to speak from my experience. You know, going home every day to a Black woman has been all the foundation I ever needed in my life," he said. "I'll say it like this. The last thing that a man, a Black man, wants to go home to after going to war with the world is come home to round two. So, you know, my Black woman understands that, you know, she is my peace, and she is there for me when I come undone."

The 36-year-old wrapped up the conversation by continuing to praise Watts and disclose why Black women, in general, are influential.

"But, you know, she's there to give me that same strength that I need to build myself back up. So there is a beautiful juxtaposition of what a Black woman truly is," he stated.

This isn't the first time that Lepley has shown appreciation to Watts. In a March social media post --which has since gone viral-- Lepley was seen attempting to cheer a visibly emotional Watts up as she dealt with postpartum woes, such as weight gain after giving birth to their son. In the clip, Lepley can be heard saying how beautiful Watts is and how much he loves her.

Lepley's love and admiration for Watts, from his kind gestures to public discussions, continues to inspire others not to settle and seek out healthy relationships.

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