From Victoria Monét To Beyoncé — These Songs Had Us Vibing All Summer 2023
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From Victoria Monét To Beyoncé — These Songs Had Us Vibing All Summer 2023

Undoubtedly, this summer was a mean one to add to the record books. It's easy to want to forget about it all, and move on, when there were temperature records broken, unaffordable global tours and strikes announced, political foolishness, new COVID strains, and egg prices. But along with the summer's chaos came some much-needed downtime and quality time with friends and family. Yes, we will remember this as a time of chaos, but we will most importantly remember this summer as a time of delight and wild abandon for years to come.

Therefore, it is only fitting that we reflect on the iconic tunes that served as the music to our sun-drenched travels before ushering in the new season. So, in no particular order, here are the top songs of the summer that kept things enjoyable despite the stifling heat.

1."On My Mama" - Victoria Monét

In June, "On My Mama" made its Billboard Hot R&B Songs debut at position No. 16. It has since risen to number seven thanks to its captivating dance-filled video, which pays homage to 2000s hip-hop/R&B. This summer anthem was first written as a song of affirmations, the ideal hype-up and full of love for oneself. In the song, Victoria Monét proclaims she is "done being the humble type" and correctly asserts herself in self-love and affirmation to attaining her goals as the song is built over a stylish sample of Chalie Boy's 2009 hit "I Look Good."

2."What It Is (Block Boy)" - Doechii ft. Kodak Black

Doechii and Kodak Black's "What It Is" track, which is a radio and social media sensation, is the ideal "fusion of nostalgia and pop vibes." This summer smash seems like a 00s hit, as it pays homage to the stereotype of wanting a bad boy at the end of the night. Alluring its audience with vintage samples of "No Scrubs" and "Some Cut" to mix in some lighthearted energy, Doechii urges all women to embrace their longing for something daring despite the inevitable drawbacks of dating a bad boy.

The exuberant and empowering song serves as a gentle reminder that there aren't enough songs in which women flaunt their endowments and demand what they want. It's more pop than we're used to from the rapper, but its playfulness creates a sentimentally enjoyable track that gives Doechii an opportunity to be much more vocally assertive than her previous hits. You may choose to listen to the song's original recording or the single she released with only her; either way, you can't help but move to the music as she smoothly questions, "What it is, hoe? What's up?"

3."Barbie World" - Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice (with Aqua)

The Barbie movie proved impervious to error throughout the course of its development and promotional tour, dominating the internet both during its production last summer and at its debut this summer. To further demonstrate how immaculate it might be, they showed that they were better than the hype when they recruited Nicki Minaj, the self-described Barbie, to participate in the lead song from their soundtrack.

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice's "Barbie World," their second joint effort after "Princess Diana," debuted in June and included a sample of Aqua's 1997 dance-pop smash "Barbie Girl." The song strikes the ideal mix between drill and pop, as well as fun and feminine elements. It blends syncopated percussion with powerful bass drums and features aspects of Jersey club music. You can't help but sing along and find amusement in it because of the song's slithering groove and bad bitch anthem.

4."Kill Bill" - SZA

Like the Scorpio she is, SZA spent the summer weaving a tale of two extreme woes. Her first woe was detailed in the form of "Kill Bill," which is a classic example of the crazy girl cliché, telling the story of a woman who is overly committed to a former love and will do anything to win her relationship back. With the majority of cuffed women returning to the streets, "Kill Bill" created the perfect soundtrack for one's summer vengeance.

With a lullaby-like sway, it is easy to join SZA in her deadly mission as wary, but enchanted companions. Although we can all agree that SZA's murder fantasies are catastrophic, they are somewhat realistic, given the song's underlying message of doing whatever it takes for love. Praised for its honest exploration of raw, violent feelings, "Kill Bill" was perfect for one's summer playlist.

5."Snooze" - SZA

SZA's second song on this list that took the summer and listeners by storm was "Snooze." Unlike "Kill Bill," "Snooze" holds the opposite vibe and offers advice on how to deal with heartbreak. In contrast to the previous song, "Snooze" takes the time to describe how important someone has become and why desiring anybody else is impossible. As she exposes thoughts of hatred, retaliation, self-growth, self-worth, and love, SZA's voice and the unique musical style produce an emotive tune strangely perfect for the summer.

Similar to "Kill Bill," "Snooze" uses impassioned and vaguely violent language, which occasionally works against the title's intended tranquil and drowsy tone. However, it adroitly captures the wrath one feels when one really wants a relationship, and the other person makes no attempt to try.

6."Boy's a liar Pt. 2" - PinkPantheress ft. Ice Spice

"Boy's a liar Pt. 2" slid into the summer like the little engine that could after remaining stable on the charts during the winter. The song "Boy's a liar Pt. 2" by British artist PinkPantheress and current rap phenom Ice Spice is about someone who is only interested in you when you "look good." It's an incredibly catchy summer tune that is both quick and slow, old and fresh.

Like an ephemeral hallucination, this summer song has a light, floaty feel thanks to rhythms that borrow from old dance tunes, Jersey Club music, and powerful percussions. Effortlessly weaving into the hyper-pop we've come to know from the artist, there is a gentle, luxuriant vibe, which causes listeners to bob along coolly and adroitly.

7."Good Good" - Usher, Summer Walker, & 21 Savage

Like Usher said, this song is "different." Unlike the other summer songs where relationships fell apart, Usher is not trying to seek revenge or find violent ways to retaliate against his ex. Instead, he can acknowledge that they are not on the best of terms, but that the terms are nevertheless, still good. Crooning over a slick beat, he prunes out his desires like he once did on his early 00s tracks and shows his ex that he understands that though he wished for forever, it simply wasn't in their cards.

Singing in cursive and rapping matter-of-factly, Summer Walker and 21 Savage join the song to confirm matters on hand. Though Walker intended to become her ex's "missus," it is clear that she and her ex are happier apart than trying to solidify their relationship in marital hell. Meanwhile, 21 Savage reflects on his relationship and everything he provided for his ex, but in the end, he just wishes to be friends and remain a support system for his former flame.

8."One Margarita (Saucy Remix)" - That Chick Angel, Casadi Music, & Steve Terrell (ft. Saucy Santana)

You've probably heard this song a thousand and two times on Instagram this summer, and if you didn't, you certainly heard it on TikTok. Regardless of where you found the tune, this song took the summer by storm with its playful, and overtly sexual nature. A song that literally explains how many margaritas you'll need to get That Chick Angel to "open her legs," it feels like the female perspective to Miguel's "How Many Drinks?"

The song is catchy, and it certainly makes you want to dance, but the best part of its creation is how it aligned together in the first place. Never meant to truly be a song, Angel Laketa Moore created this hit after hearing a sample from Sister Cindy, which claims "If you buy her one margarita, she will spread her legs.” From there, Moore freestyled her infamous "Give me one Margarita, Imma open my legs/Give me two margaritas, Imma give you some head." Within 24 hours, Casadi Music and Steve Terrell added their twist to the track, and the rest is summer history.

9."Summer Too Hot" - Chris Brown

"Summer Too Hot" dropped in June 2023 as the lead single of Chris Brown's eleventh album, 11:11. The lively tune "Summer Too Hot" makes Brown's intentions to "wet up" the summer clear. Brown admits that whenever he finds someone who attracts his eye, it is simply too hot for both of them to resist exploring the wetter side of things. The track, which has silky vocals and a laid-back beat, quickly gained traction and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot R&B.

With its frank lyrics and explicit sexual character, the vibrant song about "getting nasty" during a summertime affair promotes the value of cooling off from the heat and appreciating the season's lack of clothes.

10."Smoke" - Victoria Monét ft. Lucky Daye

Levitating us effortlessly with its spellbinding harmonies, Lucky Daye and Victoria Monét begin "Smoke" like the ascension of a firework. However, this aural joy generates a fluid rhythm that has no business being as smooth as it is, rather than a quick-paced explosion. This summer song, which debuted five months ago and has been steadily entrancing fans with a sensuous, syrupy bassline, eventually builds to a 70s funk and reggae bop. This lighthearted dedication to the celebration of cannabis is an ode to all potheads and is pleasant and summery in feel.

"Smoke" is a refreshing, playful track that lets you float/groove to the beat, amplified by an amalgam of whistling horns, organs, and vibrant electronic effects.

11."Popular" - The Weeknd, Madonna, & Playboi Carti

Just like his HBO flop The Idol, this collaboration from The Weeknd doesn't make sense on paper. However, unlike his HBO flop The Idol--yes, I mentioned it twice, because it was that bad--this collab was something none of us knew we wanted. Sounding like another nostalgic 00s throwback, or Justin Timberlake and Timbaland song, this is the best thing to come out of the now-canceled show. With Madonna and Playboi Carti, the rap-pop group spins a tale about a lady who is yearning for fame and glory and wants nothing more than to be popular.

However, as everyone is aware, when someone seeks attention and the spotlight, they typically end up with both more and less than they expected. "Popular" is a ditty that brings the summer to a close with a lovely, crisp farewell. It is straightforward, catchy, and ends at exactly the appropriate spot.


This summer's music wouldn't have been half of what it was without Queen Bey herself. This summer, as her Renaissance World Tour got underway, Beyoncé found herself responsible for Sweden's highest inflation of the year and the world being put on mute via "ENERGY." With every sold-out performance and every "mute" challenge, Beyoncé further demonstrated to the world that she was deserving of their addiction.

Though she had many tracks from her latest album circulating with viral moments from her tour, the song that transformed the summer for us was "AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM." "AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM" is a song sampled from Kilo Ali's "America Has a Problem (Cocaine.)" that focuses on cocaine and happiness, and eventually the anguish it causes, via the metaphor of a woman. In this sample, Beyoncé makes a comparison between herself, her music, and the addictive qualities of cocaine.

She outlines all the qualities that make everyone fall in love with her and keeps them coming back to her time and time again, proving that she is a lady to be revered.

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