10 Silver Nail Styles To Wear To Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

10 Silver Nail Styles To Wear To Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

Beyoncés Renaissance tour may be winding down, but the queen of the Virgos is just getting started. Since the tour’s inception, fans have adopted the Renaissance aesthetic into their fashions, flaunting cowboy accessories and denim, all while being dripped in silver. But now that it is Virgo season, the beloved artist, whose tour is now reportedly the highest-grossest tour by a woman, has asked fans to break out the silver in honor of her birthday season.

"Virgo season is upon us. This tour has been such a joy and as we approach the last month, my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the show 8.23 – 9.22," Beyoncé wrote on her Instagram Story. "We'll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night. Everybody mirroring each other's joy, Virgo season together in the House of Chrome. See you there!"

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The “Cuff It” singer’s birthday is September 4. So, while you may be searching for the last bit of silver clothing and accessories online and in stores for the next tour stop, don’t forget the nails. Having your nails dipped in silver is the perfect way of being styled from root to tip. Below are ten different nail styles to choose from to complete your Renaissance look.

Virgo's Groove

This nail set is strictly for the Virgo gworlssss.


If you're wanting a simple pop of silver, then these chrome nails are perfect.

Texas All-Star

This nail set incorporates both the silver and cowgirl aesthetics that make up the Renaissance theme.

Plastic Off The Sofa

These 3D transparent nails are stylish and stunning.

Chrome Edges

Chrome nails are having a moment, and these chrome edges are chic and edgy (pun intended).

Bling, Bling, Bling

These blingy nails will make a bold statement when you walk into the concert.

Alien Superstar

These nails are out of this world, literally.

Chromed Out

These chrome nails are like wearing a piece of art at your finger tips.

Stiletto Girl

Take a walk on the wild side and try this daring nail shape.

Pure/ Honey

These silver nails are giving holographic realness, honey.

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