Beyoncé Breaks Previous Tour Records By Reportedly Raking In $154 Million From European Leg Of Renaissance Tour
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Beyoncé Breaks Previous Tour Records By Reportedly Raking In $154 Million From European Leg Of Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé may have wrapped the European leg of her highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour, but the singer isn't through breaking records.

According to Billboard, the 41-year-old has reportedly hit an all-time career-high after racking up $154 million and selling one million tickets "across 21 shows," with her last stop being on June 28 in Warsaw, Poland.

The publication has also reported that nine days after Beyoncé started her Renaissance tour in early May, it became one of the "top-grossing acts," which isn't surprising based on the eye-catching viral visuals that have been released to the public, surprise guests, including her daughter Blue Ivy Carter and the overall positive fan reactions.

In light of the star's recent successes, xoNecole reflects on other records that Beyoncé has broken with the European leg of her Renaissance World Tour and what this could mean for her career overall.

Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour Breaks Previous European Leg Records

Billboard states that along with Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour being one of the hottest shows in town, the act's current gross income and ticket sales have also topped her other European leg tours. The list includes 2016's The Formation World Tour and 2018's On the Run II, which co-headlined with her husband, Jay-Z.

During The Formation World Tour, Beyoncé made over $86 million, while her co-headlined tour racked up $87 million. With the "Break My Soul" vocalist's recent projections, the gross income has increased by 77%. As for attendance, the 2016 tour sold 867,000 tickets.

At the same time, the On the Run II tour brought in 871,000 in ticket sales which is nearly 130,000 less than what Beyoncé sold on her Renaissance World Tour. It also reported that this is the first time Beyoncé's European "solo tour has broke a seven-digit milestone."

But the mother of three's success doesn't stop there. Billboard's midyear report claims that with Beyoncé making $154 million in gross income in over two months and 21 shows, she has made more than any artist has in a "six-month window," aside from Harry Styles and Elton John, who continues to add more shows dates in Europe.

Beyoncé's Possible Earnings With Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour will resume in Canada and North America next week, with her first stop in Toronto, Canada, on July 8-9. If the "Cozy" songstress' attendance and gross income continue to rise at its current rate, Billboard reports that she could earn $264 million and generate 1.8 million in ticket sales with 36 shows.

Suppose the projections for the Renaissance World Tour are accurate. In that case, Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour will surpass "the global total of The Formation World Tour," which brought in approximately $415 million and 2.8 million ticket sales, becoming the biggest tour of her career.

Although only time will tell if Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour will generate those projections, however, if and when she does, this will bring the total revenue of all her tours' to over $1 billion in gross income and 10 million in ticket sales.

With the recent revelations of Beyoncé shattering her own records, she continues to showcase why she is, in fact, considered to be the Queen. Congrats Queen Bey!

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