Coco Jones Wins Best New Artist, Latto Wins Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, And More Women Shut Down 2023 BET Awards
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Coco Jones Wins Best New Artist, Latto Wins Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, And More Women Shut Down 2023 BET Awards

The 2023 BET Awards premiered last night, and it was filled with a lot of surprises. Quavo and Offset came together to perform a tribute to their late Migos bandmate Takeoff, Chief Keef took to the stage to perform after he was banned from the network ten years ago, and rap legends from coast to coast performed their classics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. But one thing was clear about the night, the ladies shut it down.

From MC Lyte and Trina reminding everyone why they will always reign supreme as they both took the stage, respectively, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop to Latto and Beyoncé winning big, the 2023 BET Awards was all about the women.

Coco Jones Wins Best New Artist

Our girl Coco Jones won Best New Artist and gave a touching speech. "For all of my Black girls, we do have to fight a little harder to get what we deserve, but don't stop fighting," she said. She also performed her hit single "ICU."

Latto Wins Best Female Hip-Hop Artist

Latto was overjoyed when she received her award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. During her acceptance speech, the "Put It On The Floor" artist shouted out all the women who were in the category with her as well as other female MCs.

Teyana Taylor Wins Video Director of the Year

Teyana Taylor, aka Spike Tey, wasn't in attendance, so her mom surprised her by FaceTiming her on stage and telling her she won Video Director of the Year. The "Gonna Love Me" singer was shocked, to say the least.

Beyoncé and SZA Win Big

While SZA is on tour, she racked up three BET awards for her album SOS. The R&B star won Best Female R&B/ Pop Artist, Video of the Year for "Kill Bill" and tied with Beyoncé for Album of the Year.

Beyoncé is also overseas on tour, and along with her Album of the Year award, she also won the Viewer's Choice award and BET Her award for "Break My Soul."

Ice Spice, Doechii, and More Perform

The rap girlies came out to play! Ice Spice hit the stage to perform her hit single "Princess Diana," Lola Brooke performed her break-out single "Don't Play With It," and GloRilla turned up the heat with her single "Lick or Sum."

TDE's own Doechii had everyone tuned in as she performed her catchy hit "What It Is" and even brought out Trillville, and they performed "Some Cut," which Doechii samples.

Last but not least, Patti LaBelle gave a beautiful Tina Turner tribute performing the late singer's beloved song "The Best."

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Feature image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

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