Latto On Manifesting Motherhood: 'I'm Not Going To Feel Like I Made It For Real Until I Have Kids, I'm Married'
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Latto On Manifesting Motherhood: 'I'm Not Going To Feel Like I Made It For Real Until I Have Kids, I'm Married'

Rapper Alyssa "Latto" Stephens is baring her soul like never before by offering a glimpse into her love life and unveiling her aspirations of becoming a mother.

The 24-year-old rose to fame in 2016 after winning the first season of Lifetime's competition series The Rap Game, produced by Jermaine Dupri. Immediately following the show, Stephens would continue to release music and landed her big break in 2019 with "B--h from da Souf." The track ultimately earned the emcee her first entry on Billboard's Hot 100 charts in 2020.

That same year, Stephens released her debut album Queen of da Souf. Since then, the lyricist's stardom has only skyrocketed from there after dropping her second studio album, 777, in 2022. The album featured her Grammy-nominated single "Big Energy" and "It's Givin."

At the height of her success with her recent track "Put It On Da Floor," Stephens sat down with Cosmopolitan magazine for the publication's Skin Issue cover story. In the June interview, Stephens revealed why she keeps her relationship away from the spotlight and why she considers motherhood the most significant achievement.

Latto On Keeping Her Relationship Private

Although there are few details surrounding the "Muwop" rapper's romantic partner, news outlets report that Stephens is dating fellow rapper 21 Savage and has been for years. (Last weekend, 21 Savage brought out Latto and Cardi B during his performance at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta.)

Despite the claims, neither party has addressed the rumors. In the discussion with Cosmopolitan, Stephens shared that she doesn't publicly talk about her relationship or disclose her boyfriend's identity because it's something she wants to keep sacred.

"If something is special to me, I'm going to keep it close to me because everything else has to be front and center about my life," she said.

When asked if Stephens ever thought about having her partner see her perform onstage, "The Biggest" lyricist explained that although it has crossed her mind a few times, she values her privacy a lot more.

"I be thinking that, but my privacy is more important. I can't have people putting two and two together," she stated. "This is the longest relationship I've ever been in."

Latto On Motherhood 

As the topic shifted to motherhood, Stephens revealed that she can't wait to experience that next chapter in her life because of its impact.

Stephens added that she idolizes motherhood so much that she constantly watches TikTok videos about mothers and finds opportunities to spoil friends and family members with children by purchasing lavish gifts.

"I want to be a mom so bad. Let me tell you, I think moms are superheroes. Man, I literally idolize motherhood. Like, with Mother's Day, I get all my friends that have kids, my grandmas, my aunties, cousins, anyone who's a mom around me, I send them flowers and gifts. I don't play," she said.

"I send my assistant to Chanel to get, like, 10 bags for everybody I know. I'm obsessed. My TikTok algorithm is all moms talking about their experiences and packing like, 'Get ready with me.' Moms cleaning up after their kids. It's so weird."

Further into the interview, Stephens disclosed that despite all the professional success she has accomplished over the years, she still feels like she has yet to reach her greatest potential, at least in her personal life.

"I'm not going to feel like I made it for real until I have my kids, I'm married, I just got my house out in the country, and I'm just ducked off with my little family," she said.

Stephens wrapped up her remarks by praising other female artists, including Rihanna, Cardi B., and Yung Miami, for showcasing that motherhood doesn't hinder one's career and inspiring her when she decides to become a mother.

"That's why I love RiRi down. Cardi did it too. And Yung Miami. I feel like they kind of supersede the stigma that it's over for women when you have a baby—like your career is over," she stated. "They give me inspiration for real. They make me feel like I can do it too one day when the time is right, you feel me?"

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