Tika Sumpter Reveals Details About Her Weekend-Long Destination Wedding To Nicholas James
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Tika Sumpter Reveals Details About Her Weekend-Long Destination Wedding To Nicholas James

Tika Sumpter is finally giving up the details about her Mexican wedding getaway. The actress wed her The Haves and Have Nots co-star Nicholas James on May 14, 2022, after meeting back in 2015 on the set of the Tyler Perry series. In an exclusive interview with Brides for their third digital issue of the year, Tika gave a play-by-play of her adults-only destination wedding. The couple settled on getting married in the popular tourist city, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after reflecting on the beautiful experience they had visiting the beach town in 2016 during their babymoon. The couple shares a 5-year-old daughter named Ella.

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“It was so beautiful, and it wasn’t too far away from California, so it was an easy trip,” Tika recalled. Once they finalized the location, it was time to find the venue. They found a local wedding planner who helped them secure Chileno Bay Resorts & Residences, Auberge Resorts Collection for their wedding space.

The wedding festivities kicked off on Friday, May 13 with the welcome party. Guests mixed and mingled amongst each other as well with the bride and groom. The welcome party was also the opportunity for family and friends to give speeches. Tika reflected on Tyler Perry as well as her brother’s speeches. “We're great friends, so hearing both ends of the stories—when things were bad and things were good and everything in between—was so great,” Tika said recalling Tyler’s speech.

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For her wedding ceremony, the Ride Along actress wore a Galia Lahav wedding dress with a floral motif and while it wasn’t your typical beach bridal gown, it all came down to how it made her feel.

"I kind of knew right away. It wasn't about the destination. It was about how I felt in the dress,” she said. “I wanted to feel sexy, but I also wanted to feel like a bride. This is my first and last wedding, I’m praying, so I just wanted to kind of blow it out."

They got married on the beach with their daughter, who did double duty as the flower girl and ring bearer, by their side. After the ceremony, the guests moved on to cocktail hour while the newlyweds took their official photos as husband and wife. And then it was party time. Tika changed into another look for the reception. “I wanted something fun and flirty, short and a little sexier so that I could dance,” she said.

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As the three-day extravaganza came to a close, Tika was very grateful to her guests for taking time out to spend the weekend with them and be a witness to her and Nick’s love.

"My favorite part of the planning process was just looking at all of the names of my friends and family who were coming," Tika expressed. "Each one made me smile, so it made me even more excited to plan something beautiful. I wanted everybody to have a great time. I really had my friends, my family, my future husband in mind—it wasn't just for me. It was a real celebration of all the people who have held us up on this journey to make it what it is. They're really part of that thread. It was almost like a gift for them to really love where they are, love being together, and just overall having a really great time."

Check out Brides for more exclusive photos of Tika and Nicolas' three-day wedding event.

Featured image by Jana Williams Photography, courtesy of Brides

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