Storm Reid And Natalia Bryant Celebrating Each Other's Acceptance Into USC Is Everything
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Storm Reid And Natalia Bryant Celebrating Each Other's Acceptance Into USC Is Everything

Young Black Girl Magic is my favorite kind. It's like seeing young women stepping into themselves and realizing that they can tackle anything this world has ready for them does something to me—in a way that many of us millennials had to learn on our own, and ultimately spread to those who blossom after us. When our babies Yara Shahidi and Malia Obama went off to Harvard in the same class, I was the ultimate proud auntie, screaming "yassss, queens" at all news about them going off to college. And now I feel the same about Storm Reid and Natalia Bryant, who recently shared on their social media channels that they were each accepted into the University of Southern California.

But it was them congratulating each other that did it for me.


On a post captioned, "See you soon, @uscedu! Fight On," Storm personally congratulated Natalia on her Instagram, which Bryant thanked and congratulated her as well. Natalia also shared Storm's big news on her story.

Ahhh, solidarity through accomplishment is my favorite BGM love language.

Then, a video of Natalia was uploaded to her mom, Vanessa Bryant's, account--to which the news spread like wildfire.

Vanessa wrote that she was crying "tears of joy," and that she wished Natalia's dad and sister, the late Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant, were here to see her success.

"I know daddy is so PROUD OF YOU. I am so PROUD OF YOU!! Your hard work and dedication was so worth it. You pushed through the most excruciating pain imaginable and you succeeded. I wish Daddy and Gigi were physically here to celebrate but I know they're here in spirit. We love you so much!"

She then gifted her with custom signature USC Kobe's to commemorate. Vanessa also announced that Natalia was accepted into Northwestern University and NYU.

Storm then uploaded a video alongside her boyfriend, Sayeed Shahidi, Yara Shahidi's younger brother, on FaceTime and her mother nearby. An emotional Storm anxiously opened her emailed letter and cried as she announced she "got in."

"I've been on set allllllll day, and I wanted to wait to get home to open this. Was a ball of nerves all day. I got my first college acceptance two weeks ago, but I've been waiting on this one for a hot minute. WE GOT INTO USC BABY."

And in a move that has my heart fluttering, the internet has since rallied around the girls to celebrate their news.

Congratulations Storm and Natalia! Step out and flourish, young queens!

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