Sha’Carri Richardson's Daily Mantra And What She's Learned On Her Path To Winning Gold At World Athletics Championships

Sha’Carri Richardson's Daily Mantra And What She's Learned On Her Path To Winning Gold At World Athletics Championships

Sha’Carri Richardson has a lot to celebrate after winning gold in the 100-meter at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday. With her world debut, she finished with a time of 10.65 seconds, which is a personal best and reportedly a world championship record. Legendary track star Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith-Joyner still holds the world record from 35 years ago with 10.49 seconds.

As Sha’Carri crossed the finish line, she covered her mouth, astonished by what she did, and those who watched were astonished as well. If you’ve been following her career, then you know that her athleticism is something to marvel at, and her humility is admired. While those things are apparent, Sha’Carri also revealed the mantra she repeats to herself daily even after winning the gold medal. "I'm not back. I'm better."

And better, she is!

“This journey for me, from since I first came on the professional level [in 2019] to now is just knowing that no matter what happens, you never lose sight of yourself,” she said, according to NBC Sports. “Never lose sight of your faith. Always remember why you started.”

Sha’Carri’s triumphant win is a huge feat for the former LSU star, especially after facing a tumultuous two years. The Texan’s name has been on our lips since she won at the Olympics trials in June 2021. From her long flowy orange hair, long extravagant nails, and fearless attitude, she instantly became a household name.

Sha'Carri Richardson

Photo by Mattia Ozbot/Getty Images

She received a lot of love on social media, and Drake even mentioned her in his song “No Friends In The Industry.” However, all of the praise she received came crashing down after she tested positive for marijuana and was suspended for one month, thus preventing her from competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

While she issued a public apology and took full responsibility for what she did, she was still faced with a lot of criticism, and when she began racing again, people questioned if she still had what it takes to be a winner. The 23-year-old proved naysayers wrong with her latest win and even learned a valuable lesson.

“I would say 'never give up,'" she said, according to CBS. "Never allow media, never allow outsiders, never allow anything but yourself and your faith define who you are. I would say, 'Always fight. No matter what, fight.'"

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Feature image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for World Athletics

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