Even Cardi B Has Found A Way To Take Her Nail Game To A New Level

Plus, 7 times her manicure game was poppin', okurrr?!

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Cardi B is one of one. She is a star, she stands out. She's never one to be "like everyone else" and she prides herself on doing what has never been done before when it comes to style, which honestly is a quality that she owes much of her career to. One of her most notorious fashion moments, she owes to her nail game, as sis' manicures are always a flex.

And her latest set were no different, as Cardi took to Twitter to show off her heavily designed and blinged-out nail beds.


"I'm giving ya my 2014 nails back again"

The nails were giving evvvverything they needed to gave, as her 18.4 million followers saw a full view of her magical (and possibly, heavy?) acrylics. The design included her name, daughter Kulture's name, the word "mama" and a snake. Cardi had to take a mini break from the ultra extravagant nails once her now 3-year-old daughter Kulture arrived, but it looks like she has since returned to her signature claws as she anticipates baby no. 2.

And since we're front-of-the-class here for the extraness, we decided to list the times she crushed the nail game.

Keep scrolling to see our favorite Cardi B nail moments!

The time she defended fellow-nail flexxer, Sha'carri Richardson while rocking gold stilleto-shaped nails:

When she went all black everything in the "WAP" music video:

When she grew them out for Reebok...kinda.

When she shocked the world and toned them down for an au naturel look:

When they matched her vintage couture outfit and eyelashes:

The time she showed the internet how to straighten their hair, and her real hair at the same time:

And finally, when even her crazy hair couldn't outshine her nails:

Which look is your favorite?

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