What To Wear For NYE, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What To Wear For NYE, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

New Year’s Eve is a night filled with jeweled tones, sequins, and good energy. Your zodiac sign in Astrology has a unique fashion blueprint, and the style that you resonate with most often has something to do with your sun, rising, or Venus sign. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, it's a night when you are ready to celebrate. It’s a time when you are letting go of one cycle, and about to prepare for another. Some signs may prefer to stay in on a night like this and reflect on all this year has taught them and do their new year's rituals. (I’m looking at you homebodies: Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus.) Other signs prepare for this day months in advance, and that includes what they will be wearing.

What To Wear On New Year's Eve Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fire signs may or may not do New Year’s Eve the best. From the festivities to the fashion, to the excitement for it all; you definitely want to go shopping with a fire sign or plan a night out with one. We also can’t forget that New Year’s Eve happens during Capricorn Season, and this is their time to shine as well and put on their best suit. This year when it comes to fashion, we have seen old trends come back such as long gloves and tall boots, and on a day like NYE, the classic and timeless little black dress is a moment as well. You will find many Sagittarius’ in bright colors, Aries in black, and Libra in gold.

Your zodiac sign is an expression of yourself and who you are, and New Year’s Eve is a night when you are shining in your unique style but with a little flare.

What an Aries Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Black Slip Dress

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For an Aries New Year’s Eve Look, something both sleek and powerful is their style. Aries has mastered the art of a simple look with a unique flair, and that’s the vibe we are going for this New Year’s Eve for them. A long black dress with a sequin bust and a thick choker is playful yet powerful, just like Aries. There is something so badass about Aries, and their looks will say that.

What a Taurus Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Tall Boots

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Wearing a tall boot instantly gives you a new power in life. This aesthetic is top tier, not to mention boots can make any look 10x better. Tall black boots are the perfect statement piece for a New Year’s Eve look for Taurus. If a Taurus does decide to get out of their comfort zone this New Year’s Eve and go out on the town, they are going to go for something that is sexy and comfortable. A dress and some tall boots are easy to put together and trendy.

What a Gemini Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Silver Dress

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for AFI

Metallics and air signs just go together, I don’t make the rules. A Gemini New Year’s Eve outfit is going to be ahead of its time, a little bit funky, and a little bit hard to get. They have connections with the designers or the associates in which they shop frequently, and might also be the designer themself. A Gemini has a creative spirit, and this energy goes into their fashion sense as well. This silver look with bold earrings is fun and engaging, just like Gemini.

What a Cancer Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Feather Dress

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Feathers have been making a comeback as of late, and they bring the perfect detail to any dress or look. Cancer closes out the year in something short, flirty, and fun! On most days of the year, Cancer prefers a neutral tone, and never shies away from black. However, on occasions, and especially celebrations, Cancer loves a pop of color and to wear something special. If it’s a really memorable night then they will keep that look forever, and feathers definitely give that wow factor to Cancer’s nostalgic heart.

What a Leo Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Faux Fur Coat

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Gotham Film & Media Institute

You can always spot a Leo in a room by the confidence and warmth they exude, but also by what they are wearing. They always stand out in some way, and on New Year’s Eve, it is no different. A fur coat is a perfect way to make any outfit pop, and it gives you a feel of luxury as well. With a fur coat, you give your look a glamorous moment and it’s something unique to wear as well. This New Year’s Eve, Leo will be expressing their wild side and will be the show-stopper at any and every event they attend with a fur coat.

What a Virgo Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Black Dress

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Virgo is the Queen of less is enough. A Virgo’s New Year’s Eve look is refined, well-thought-out, and practical. A Virgo wants to look good but will also be taking their comfort into account as well. If they plan on going out dancing all night they will most definitely take that into account when choosing the appropriate shoes for the night. A little black number is a perfect choice for Virgo as it screams, “I look good for me, not you.” A Virgo is feeling confident and accomplished during NYE. I mean, let’s be honest, they’ve probably done more in the past 365 days than most- and their look is going to say it all.

What a Libra Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: A Gold Jumpsuit

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Libra exudes beauty. They know all about the divine feminine, and they embody this type of energy. The perfect NYE look for Libra has gold in it, and a jumpsuit gives a nostalgic moment for the occasion. A gold jumpsuit is one-of-a-kind and something that gives you a special quality for the night. Libra loves art and considers fashion an act of art, so their New Year’s Eve look is going to be something that’s timeless first and foremost.

What a Scorpio Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Gloves

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Christian Louboutin

Gloves have been a trendy statement piece as of late, and the glove look is a perfect choice for this coming New Year’s Eve. Scorpio loves a little mystery, and the gloves give a quality of power, beauty, and protectiveness. This energy aligns with Scorpio, and on New Year’s Eve- it’s a look. Complete the outfit with a dress that matches, heels short enough to dance in, and a sleek back hairstyle, and you have a look for Scorpio for New Year’s Eve.

What a Sagittarius Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Sequin Dress

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There is no New Year’s Eve without sequins, and is there really Sagittarius without sequins, either? The Best Look Award for any NYE outfit is going to be Sagittarius every time, as this is their night to shine. A Sagittarius wears looks you could wear on NYE every day of the year, as they love to be the most fabulous person in any room. A sequin dress will have a Sag in the spotlight all night and will be the life of the party.

What a Capricorn Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Blazer

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A blazer is a Capricorn's signature look, and no matter where they are, they always tend to have a sophisticated sense of style. A Capricorn invented business casual, and they know how to make a blazer into a moment. This New Year’s Eve, Capricorn is most likely getting off work right before the festivities begin, so this look is an easy transition for them. A sleek and sexy blazer is just how to end the year, and Capricorns are walking into the new year handling business as usual.

What an Aquarius Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Leather Dress

Michael Rowe/Getty Images for IMDb

Aquarius has had a tough past few years. Saturn has been in their sign since 2020, and this is the last New Year’s Eve they will be spending with Saturn, a challenging planet, in their sign for a while. So for this New Year’s Eve, Aquarians are going all out. They are ready for a change of pace and are wearing their wounds on their shoulders as 24k gold metal. A leather look defines this type of victory, inner courage, and confidence that is perfect for an NYE outfit, and paired with some gold accessories, is excellence at its finest.

What a Pisces Would Wear for New Year’s Eve: Iridescent Dress

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A colorful mini dress is the perfect vibe for Pisces on New Year’s Eve. Pisces’ fashion is constantly changing, being a mutable sign, and on New Year’s they are looking for something fun, and something that makes them happy when they look at it. Pisces favors all things that inflict emotion, and an iridescent moment on NYE does just that. Paired with silver or black heels, and you are ready for the perfect night out.

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