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10 Things To Know About Nara Smith That Might Surprise You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen Nara Smith’s viral cooking videos all over TikTok. The 22-year-old Texas-based wife, mom, model, and now cooking influencer has the internet in a chokehold with her videos where she cooks everything from cereal, roasted tomato soup, ice cream, bread, pizza, mozzarella, marshmallows, and homemade donuts, all from scratch. You heard that right, from scratch!

With a following of over 4.2 million on TikTok and 1 million on Instagram, Smith has made quite the impression, leaving everyone to wonder, why does this woman need to make everything from scratch, and who tf has this kind of time? Since Nara has become an influencer to watch, there has been some controversy surrounding her videos with undertones of racism and the question of whether Smith is portraying trad wife values and encouraging her followers to become submissive housewives.

To clear the air in the most effortless GRWM video, Nara Smith shared some fun facts about her to let her followers know the real on who she is. Click through the slideshow below for 10 things we learned about the viral beauty.

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