These Are The Morning Routines That Keep Our xoNecole Editors Going

These Are The Morning Routines That Keep Our xoNecole Editors Going

We always hear about how morning routines are important to not only start your day off on the right foot but sustain success. Many of the powerful women we all admire, from Oprah to Beyoncé to Range Beauty CEO Alicia Scott, have routines in which they are deliberate about how they spend the first few hours of their day.

Well, we, the editors at xoNecole, also have special routines and rituals that keep us going, especially after spending days interviewing amazing women, editing, publishing loads of articles, engaging with the xoTribe on social, and providing you with that daily content boost you need to stay inspired and empowered. Check out how we spend our mornings (for the most part):

Sheriden Chanel, Managing Editor

Courtesy of Sheriden Chanel

Honoring The Flow: "I try to give myself grace that every morning doesn't have to look the same way in order for me to feel well or like I have some semblance of a routine to keep me anchored in how I flow through my day. Some days, the first thing I do looks like gratitude journaling. Other days, the first thing I do looks like splashing my face with water immediately after waking and doing an abbreviated version of my skincare routine."

Getting The Energy Going: "I love walking in my neighborhood and listening to a podcast as a way to hit the reset button on my creativity. Outside is medicine, so I love that, by default, that's always an element of my morning. During that time, I am either listening to my favorite sacral chakra playlist, one of my favorite podcasts like Balanced Black Girl or Morning Microdose, or even just silence to really bond with my dog, Brownie."

Must-Have Breakfast: "My favorite breakfast is a protein smoothie, especially mornings when I do some strength training or workout. I have become a Smoothie Queen, you hear me! There are so many different ways to make them that it always feels varied enough, filling, and delicious."

London A. Whitson, Contributing Editor

Courtesy of London A. Whitson

First Thing In The Morning: "This year, I made it my mission to create a morning routine and stick to it. When I wake up, before I do anything, I meditate, and then I read a few scriptures from the Bible. Meditating helps me start my day off on a positive note."

Putting Herself First: "What gets my energy flowing in the morning is working out. I try to work out 3-4 times a week and prefer to do it in the morning. I like to alternate my workouts, so I will do cardio like walking around my neighborhood, or I'll do strength training or Pilates. Also, I recently joined a boxing gym, and so I like to go there on the weekends."

Favorite Breakfast: "Oatmeal because it's easy and healthy. Sometimes I may also cook turkey bacon or eat fruit with it. However, if I'm beginning my day with exercise, I try to eat protein first, like almond butter, and after my workout, I will eat breakfast."

Janell Hazelwood, Associate Editor

Courtesy of Janell Hazelwood

As Soon As I Wake: "I always give myself at least 30 minutes for silence. No emails. No social media. No group texts. No cleaning up or checking on work from the night before. No workouts. No TV. Just me, my coffee or tea, quiet prayer, and my thoughts. It's helped me overcome burnout and deliberately practice focus on God and self."

Music Is Medicinal: "The first thing I do before editing, writing, or opening emails for the day is put on my favorite music mixes. It helps me concentrate, and it gets my creative juices flowing. It's also a way to keep the vibes upbeat and positive wherever I'm working. I often travel, so my work environment vibes shift on the regular.

"I'm big on energy, and sometimes virtual correspondences and digital nomad life, in general, can be impersonal, isolating, and disconnected. Music helps fill the gaps. I've created Work playlists on YouTube, Amazon Music, and Spotify featuring an eclectic mix of artists, including Frankie Beverly & Maze, Chronixx, Moonchild, Hector Lavoe, Minnie Riperton, Timaya, and DJ Zinhle."

Favorite Breakfast: "Since I'm not a huge fan of eating Breakfast during the week, I'll have something light, quick, and easy to make, like a green smoothie (with kale, protein powder, ginger, and cucumber) or an open sandwich of one fried egg, a piece of wheat toast and pepper sauce. A big breakfast in the morning slows me down, and I can't really think, write or edit when I feel heavy."

Ambar Mejia, Social Media Manager

Courtesy of Ambar Mejia

Putting Wellness First: "I make myself a nutritious breakfast while I listen to a podcast or audiobook. Right now, I'm rotating between a Portuguese podcast about culture and history (I'm learning Portuguese) and the book Atomic Habits. 10/10 would recommend the book. It's already been a game-changer!"

Jamming Out: "To get the creative juices flowing, I like to have [a] solo dance party with my favorite jams. It's also really important for me to take 5 to 10 minutes a day to write down all my most important to-dos. I was really struggling with anxiety at the end of 2022, and this small habit has helped my productivity and anxiety a lot."

Breakfast Deets: "Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and fruit with a coffee or matcha latte. I have a really busy schedule, so I need to make sure I have something filling and nutritious to keep myself going throughout the day."

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