This Is How You Make 'Summer Sex'...Even Hotter

Sex is already good. These 12 hacks will make sex this summer sooooo much better!


If you've been following my byline, as it specifically relates to sex, then you already know that I like to break sex down into themes. You know, like Christmas sex. Fall sex. And today? Summer sex. After all, y'all, summer is the hottest season of the year, so it would be an absolute shame if your sex life didn't reflect that very fact.

So in honor of June through September, I wanted to put you on to 12 things that you and yours can do to take things up a couple of notches in the bedroom. I'm doing so in hopes that, when you look back on this summer, you'll have some of the best—and by "best", I mean sensual, erotic, provocative, nasty, totally mind-blowing—sex memories yet.

1. Take Advantage of the Extra Sunlight


Even if you're not the sappiest or most sentimental woman on the planet (I'm shouting that particular demographic out because I personally know some), a little bit of romance never hurt nobody. Matter of fact, the older I get, the more I find dates to be an ultimate act of foreplay. And since the days are longer during the summer season, that gives you and yours more time to do things like have an evening picnic, enjoy a bottle of wine on your back deck, eat outside at your favorite restaurant—things that, any other time of the year, you might rush to do after work before it gets dark. Quality time is a wonderful seducer. Use this summer to take full advantage of it.

2. Buy Some Yellow Lingerie


A burlesque dancer and businesswoman by the name of Dita Von Teese once said, "Lingerie is not about seducing men. It's about embracing womanhood." Personally, I find it to be some of Column A and some of Column B but either way, embrace your body image and sexual self-esteem by treating you (and your partner) to a couple of new lingerie items. This time, though, instead of going the traditional black or red route, go with something yellow. For one thing, I don't know one Black woman who isn't KILLIN' IT in that color. Also, yellow is a popular summertime hue; one that conveys warmth, excitement, optimism, joy and open communication—all things that make sex so much more enjoyable.

3. Serve Up a Couple of Ginseng Martinis


Winter before last, I wrote an article about aphrodisiac foods that can help to get your juices flowing. But if you and yours like to indulge in a drink together every now and then, something that you might want to try is a ginseng martini. On the health tip, ginseng does everything from improve your brain function, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar and shorten the life of colds and the flu.

Sexually, not only does ginseng provide you with a boost of energy, there is a good amount of data to support that it can help men who struggle with erectile dysfunction too. Also, if you're trying to make a baby, that's one more reason to make your man a couple of these martinis because, word on the street is that, ginseng improves sperm quality as well.

You can find a pretty easy recipe here.

4. Invest in a Cooling Mattress Pad


There's hot sex and then there's sex when you're hot. I hate the latter. If you don't want to run your electric bill up higher than it probably already is, just so that you're not dripping wet once your romp is over, something that you can do is to invest in a cooling mattress pad. They're designed to keep you cooler as your body temperature fluctuates as you sleep. Oh, and while we're on the topic of your bedding, you might want to get the kind of sheets that can assist in cooling you down too. Ones that are made out of organic cotton or bamboo always top the list.

5. Freeze Your Sex Toys


Along the lines of what I just said, if sex toys are always a part of your sex life, why not throw those in the freezer for a minute or two? The ones you've got that are made out of glass or metal are able to hold cold (and hot) temperatures really well. All you need to do is let them freeze for 15-20 minutes and they'll be ready to take you and your partner's arousal levels to whole new heights!

6. Bring in Some Popsicles


Whenever I think of ice and sex, the first thing that comes to my mind is the ice scene between Mookie and Tina in Do the Right Thing. Incorporating ice in this way can be super erotic because the changes in temperatures can be stimulating AF. But rather than going with regular tasteless ice, opt for some popsicles instead. That way, you can get your favorite flavor which can only take the fun and exhilaration up a notch (or you can pour juice into an ice tray in order to basically get the same result).

7. Apply a Little Piña Colada Lube


Feel free to check out the article "If You've Always Wanted A 'Lubricant Cheat Sheet,' Here Ya Go" on why lubricant can be your very best friend when it comes to having really hot sex.

In sticking along with the summer theme that we've got going here, if there is a signature flavor that typically goes along with it, piña colada is what comes to my mind. So, why not cop some piña colada lubricant?

If you're down, you can get some here.

8. Do Some Crisscrossing


Hopefully, even if you don't naturally sleep naked (which you should because it's really good for your health and well-being), you're doing it a bit more during the summertime. Well, if you and yours happen to wake up in the middle of the night, wanting to have sex but it's a little warmer in the room than you'd like, try doing it in the "crisscross" position. This position consists of you turning over to your right side, with your partner then straddling your right leg and while wrapping your left leg around him. Doing this will allow for deep penetration without your sticky and sweaty body parts constantly ramming into each other.

9. Do It in an Adult-Size Inflatable Pool


Not everyone is going to be able to get to a beach or pool this summer. Shoot, even if you can, you might not be down for taking the risk of having sex in either one. A cool alternative is to purchase something like a Intex Family Lounge Pool or Intex 57191WL Swim Center Family Lounge Pool. They are large enough to hold 2-3 adults and are designed in a way where you can comfortably get into pretty much any sex position you want to be in. Because really, who said that kids are the only ones who get to have fun in backyard inflatable pools? Exactly.

10. Play ASMR Videos of Ocean Waves


When I say that I am an ASMR fan? Whew! I wish I hadn't waited as long as I did to fall asleep to the sound of thunderstorms. Anyway, when you're gettin' it in indoors, something that can make you feel like you are at a beach house is listening to sounds of ocean waves. YouTube has a ton of them. All you've got to do is go to the site and put "ocean waves sounds" in the search field. Oh, and if you want to take all of this summer-like ambiance to another level, get yourself a portable fan and point it into the direction of your bed. Then, cop yourself some plug-ins; ones that have tropical scents. How could you not feel like you are on vacation? Even if it's more like a sex staycation?

11. Feed Each Other Some Watermelon


Watermelon is in season from May through September, so of course, it's the ultimate summertime fruit. Health-wise, although it's made up of 92 percent water, watermelon is still packed with vitamins A and C that can help to improve your heart health, relieve muscle soreness, prevent cancer cells from developing and, thanks to the fiber that's in it, watermelon is a sweet way to stay regular too.

Sexually, it's earned the nickname "natural Viagra" due to the amino acid citrulline that is also found in the fruit. The awesome thing about it is citrulline helps to relax and dilate blood vessels. What that means is more intense orgasms for you and longer erections for your partner. Yep. Definitely get you some as soon as possible.

12. Go “Sex Glamping” (in Your Backyard)


Something that I want to do, at some point in my life, is go glamping. If that's on your sex bucket list too but it's just not a feasible option right now, if you're a homeowner, how about just camping out in your backyard? A tent. Some of your favorite foods. A flashlight (to do a little "body searching" with). You might be surprised how those three simple things might be all that you need to have some of the best summer sex that you've had in a really, really long time. Have fun, y'all!

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