Exclusive: Donna Summer's Family Is Open To Kelly Rowland Portrayal In A Limited Series
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Exclusive: Donna Summer's Family Is Open To Kelly Rowland Portrayal In A Limited Series

Following the success of the Love to Love You, Donna Summer HBO documentary, which was released in February of 2023, there has been much talk about a biopic on the five-time Grammy-winning singer's life. The in-depth look into Donna Summer's career and home life directed by Oscar-winning titan Roger Ross Williams and Summer's daughter, Brooklyn Sudano, even received a nomination at the Critics' Choice for Best Music Documentary. Love to Love You, Donna Summer, which featured home footage, archived photographs, and never-before-seen clips— sparked an outcry on social media for Hollywood to take action and fast.

The cries for a film were partnered with a viral campaign for Kelly Rowland to portray the late singer. Kelly responded to the news telling OK!, "First of all, I love Donna Summer, I always have. I respect her, her daughters, her estate and her husband. I would love to be able to [play her]. We will see what happens, but I would love to be able to tell that story." She later also addressed the news on the Tamron Hall show stating, “Can we just talk about the fact that this woman single-handedly breathed life into disco–a whole genre.” And they weren't the only ones rooting Kelly on, as Tina Knowles also joined in on the conversation writing on Instagram, “I have been saying for many years Kelly Rowland embodies Donna Summer!... Where are you Hollywood? What are y’all waiting on?”

It's safe to say that people want a Donna Summer film or series and they've crowned Kelly Rowland as the most favorable star of it. So, when xoNecole caught up with Donna Summer's family on the Grammys red carpet, it was only right to check-in.

Donna Summers Family Is Open to Kelly Rowland Portrayal In A Limited Seriesyoutu.be

"Yes, we're interested but our inclination is to do a limited series," said Summer's husband Bruce Sudano. He continued, "Because there is so much nuance and different phases of Donna's life and career that would give us a little more latitude in telling her story. And connecting with people on a different level—not only on the music level but on the human level. That's the road that we're exploring now. As far as Kelly, we love Kelly. We'll see!"

While no solid plans have been confirmed, xoNecole's vote is in and it's a Y-E-S for us! The resemblance between Kelly Rowland and Donna Summer is undeniable. Plus, Kelly's vocal abilities are also perfect for the job.

The interview concluded with Donna Summer's daughter Brooklyn saying "More to come soon," and we can only hope the next update will come with a trailer and release date. Get on it, Hollywood! In the words of Tina Knowles, "What are y’all waiting on?”

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