Lifestyle Blogger Dayna Bolden On How She Balances Her Passion Full Time With Motherhood


xoNecole's Moms Who Inspire series highlights modern day moms mastering all the tasks on their plate, from day to day responsibilities to ensuring their children are kind, educated and well-rounded human beings. Each mother describes their inspiration, what motherhood means to them, and how they maintain their sense of selves while being the superwoman we all know and love.

Although she had always envisioned a life where she was a mother, Dayna Bolden still had her fears in stepping into the role.

It was all about the how. And when she became pregnant, not knowing how to be a mom and change a diaper or soothe a crying baby made her feel like the thing she always dreamed of being would be the thing she'd have trouble excelling at.

But that was proven wrong in no time at all. The millennial mom, wife, beauty and lifestyle content creator, and brand strategist embraced motherhood and quickly discovered how much it'd welcome her back. "No one can really teach you to be a mom, it just occurs naturally and I learned that fast and early," she shared with xoNecole fondly.

Dayna with daughter Aria@vsdavisphotography

As a Mom Who Inspires us, Dayna shares how her love for natural hair and fashion blossomed into a beautiful opportunity for both herself and her family.

On becoming a mother:

I always wanted to be a mom. There was never a doubt in my mind about motherhood. Motherhood means providing and caring for a blessing. It was just a natural progression that my husband and I always wanted. We wanted to have a family.

On how her upbringing influenced how she raises her daughter:

I was raised well, my parents worked extremely hard to provide for me. My parents made so many sacrifices to put me in a private school and paid countless sports fees so that I can be active and in any sport I loved. In raising my daughter Aria, I am doing the same. She's only four, but my husband and I are working our hardest to be able to provide the best for her, always.


On how her career tested her determination:

When I was working full-time in corporate America while balancing my thriving brand. It was extremely hard. I made so many sacrifices and had so many early mornings, but I was determined to succeed with my brand. I was tested the moment I decided to pursue my passion and leave my full-time job.

It was a leap of faith that made me learn how strong I am and how much of a competitor I am.

On what a typical day looks like in her household:

It's always different depending on the nature of my business. I travel a ton, but typical days consist of me waking up my daughter, getting her ready for school, dropping her off, then going to work out. After my workout, I step into my office and become my own boss and work my butt off until it's time to turn into mommy and wife mode at night.


On how she maintains a work/life balance:

Balance is something that's impossible at this point because nothing will never be equal.

For me, it's about prioritizing family and my business.

From 9am-5pm, my business is my priority, and then after that my family is my priority, or vice versa. My priorities change daily, but that's how I stay sane. Not putting so much pressure on myself to make both important aspects of my life equal, but yet prioritizing the moments.

On her favorite thing to do with her daughter:

Honestly, I love lying in bed in the morning, holding her and kissing her. That's my favorite moment of the day. When she wakes up, walks in my room, and gives me a big hug. I hug and kiss my daughter several times a day to where she may think I'm annoying but that's how I express my love. I also always tell her she's beautiful, smart, and funny. Those are my favorite moments.


On the unexpected life lesson her daughter taught her:

To dance like noone is watching. My daughter is so carefree. She literally will dance like no one is watching in a public, crowded place and not have a care in the world.

I love how she just lives life and she's always so happy.

She teaches me that life is short and I need to do the same.

On the moms who inspire her:

I am inspired by my mom, cousins, aunts, and best friends daily! I admire how the women in my life are so hardworking and make sacrifices daily for the well-being of their kids. I want to send praise to all of my amazing mom friends, family, and supporters!

For more Dayna, follow her on Instagram.

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