These 5 Scents That Men Wear Leave Women Weak
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These 5 Scents That Men Wear Leave Women Weak

What you might not know is the influence your sense of smell has on who you find attractive. Sexual chemistry is more than a person’s appearance, their style of dress, or the way that they talk. In fact, it is often an unspoken subtlety of the scent the person leaves behind that triggers something in your brain that you’re into them, that you’re feeling them, that you want them. Accessing the olfactory glands can be a very powerful thing, especially with its ties to our emotions and memories as humans. The smell of spice on a man makes me weak, or his after shave, the way his cologne might linger on a sweatshirt that I choose to slink into at the end of a long day. Great-smelling aromas stimulate parts of the brain that directly connect to sexual desire.

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I asked five women what scents on the opposite sex made them weak in the knees. Below are five timeless fragrances that women love to smell on one another. These are scents that will undoubtedly draw your mate closer.

Prada Amber Pour Homme

“I remember searching through a Men’s Health magazine years and years ago and smelling the insert samples for this fragrance. I had to get it for my husband as a Father’s Day present. I was so drawn to it and still am. It’s such a light, powdery fragrance, but so manly at the same time. My favorite thing to do is get a whiff of it when he kisses me before leaving the house to head to work in the mornings.” – Lisa, 38

Described as, “a rich blend of fresh mandarin, bergamot, and cardamom that melds into the sensual mid notes of patchouli, tonka bean, and vanilla; and finishes with the clean, leathery notes of vetiver, neroli, orange blossom, saffron, and suede, Amber Pour Homme is a fragrance for the self-assured man.”

Prada’s Amber Pour Homme, $66; sephora.com

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

“I’m a fragrance connoisseur so I don’t mind making a hefty investment to add an additional layer to my image or impression. I love Tom Ford fragrances. Well, I love Tom Ford everything, but Tobacco Vanille in particular sticks out to me because it was a sign of a change of taste. It’s a gorgeous fragrance, the perfect blend of vanilla and tobacco which makes it the perfect unisex fragrance. My husband and I actually share a bottle.” – Lori, 54

Described as, “a modern take on an old-world men’s club. A smooth oriental, Tobacco Vanille opens immediately with opulent essences of tobacco leaf and aromatic spice notes.”

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, $225.00; Nordstrom.com

Avon Black Suede

“I really love the smell of spice and leather on a man or leather and tobacco. Leather is something I have always associated with masculinity because of work boots and my father. Spice because of the Old Spice he wore and cigarettes because, well, you get it. So I think of men when I smell those smells.” – Patrice, 45

Described as, “rich, smooth scent with sweet mossy tones; spicy accents against a background of amber, woods & musk.”

Avon’s Black Suede, $18; avon.com

Kenneth Cole Black for Men

“It’s sexy, strong, and masculine without being the cliché scent of a man scent of Old Spice. But it definitely is strong and spicy. I instantly feel a romantic vibe whenever my hubby wears it and it might be because he saves it for our weekend outings. It’s like whenever he wears it, Marvin Gaye starts to play in my head (laughs).” – Cynthia, 33

Described as, “A burst of ginger, Mandarin orange and water mint welcomes you at the top, while notes of incense, nutmeg and cedar linger at the heart of this invigorating fragrance.”

Kenneth Cole’s Black for Men, $35.49; overstock.com

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men

“I was convinced I was in love with my boss for a full year because of his cologne. I’d need him to sign off on some documents or inquire about a paycheck and enter his office and just be immersed with this incredible smell. It didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes too (laughs). Before I left the firm, I asked him what it was called. He told me Obsession. I thought, 'ironic'.” – Claire, 24

Described as, “a provocative and compelling blend of botanics and rare woods. Topnotes – mandarin, bergamot Midnotes – lavender, myrrh, spices Basenotes – musk, sandalwood, patchouli.”

Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men, $74; amazon.com

What’s your favorite fragrance to smell on a man and what’s the memory you affiliate it with? Share below.
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