Cassie Talks Overcoming 'Personal Demons' To Manifest The Life Of Her Dreams
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Cassie Talks Overcoming 'Personal Demons' To Manifest The Life Of Her Dreams

Just like seeds, we are all planted. While most times, our cultivation happens in soil that we don't necessarily choose, this fact doesn't make the growth process any less miraculous. Growth isn't a one-time transaction, issa process that happens over time; and with enough patience, you're in for the glow-up if the century, sis. Just take it from Cassie, who recently sat down with Hatch for a maternity interview and explained that although she never expected to be walking down the aisle with a baby full of belly, now, she knows that she wouldn't have wanted her wedding day to be any other way.

"At first, I was NOT down with the idea of being a pregnant bride! I dreamed of having champagne and dancing at our wedding! However, once I weighed the amount of time we would have to wait (hello, birth, and breastfeeding), I realized what I cared about was being his wife and our family, not about whether I was pregnant or not at our wedding. In the end, we had a beautiful intimate ceremony on a bluff overlooking Malibu during sunset. Everything was perfect."

It's safe to say that Cassie has had one helluva year. The couple married last month in an intimate ceremony in Malibu, and Cassie says that although they both had jitters, that all melted away when they met each other at the altar:

"Leading up to the day, we were both nervous and had jitters because of the stress around planning, not the marriage itself. As soon as I saw him waiting for me down the aisle, all my nervousness melted away. It feels as if it was always meant to be."

Becoming a fiancé, wife, and mother, and CEO of her own record label in the same damn year is no easy feat, especially while the whole world is watching (and frequently bringing up your ex), but the newlywed said that her new life is everything she didn't know she needed.

Cassie and Alex initially revealed the news of the bundle of joy and got engaged in a cowboy-themed proposal in August, and while the couple's pregnancy wasn't planned, she explained that it "also wasn't unplanned" and also shared that she and her now-husband discovered their newest blessing in a pretty unusual way:

"We were open to having kids and had just started to explore the idea when I got pregnant. It was my husband (still getting used to saying this!) that noticed I hadn't had my period in a while. When he said something to me, I was like, 'Who pays attention to that?!' Apparently, he does. So, I took a test, and it was positive! We were both over the moon!"

While Cassie's newfound life is consumed by becoming a newlywed and preparing to welcome a baby girl into the world this December, in a recent Instagram post, the entertainer explained that she still takes time on the woman she used to be:

"Do you ever come across old pictures of yourself and get blown away by how much you've transformed? When I look at pictures it brings me back to the exact place and time where I can literally touch the feelings I was feeling, almost experiencing them all over again with a sense of calm. It's a form of therapy for me. Was I happy? Was I eating that day? Did I sleep the night before? What was I stressing at that moment? What front did I have up that day?"

We all have a habit of taking a trip down memory lane (or our old Facebook photos) and admiring the women that we were, but Cassie says she uses her memories as a reminder of the woman she's become. She told the publication:

"This photo was of me in NY on May 31st, 2017. I feel sad for the girl in the picture because I know the personal demons she was battling, but I'm so excited for her growth to come. It's bittersweet looking at this photo. This is a shout out to everyone on their journey! I'm still on mine and I hope that me sharing can help others know that there is so much joy in recognizing your growth every step of the way."

Regardless of what's to come in Cassie's future, one thing is for damn sure: she'll always remain true to the woman that she is and was, simply because her daughter deserves it:

"I don't want to lose myself in becoming a mom. Of course, I will do anything for her, but I also want to remain true to myself. I want her to grow up watching me do my thing. I want her to see me making music, building my business, being a mom, a wife, a force, and be inspired by it all."

To read her feature with Hatch in full, click here.

Featured image via Cassie/Instagram.

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