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Based On Forecast Trends, Here Are 5 Diverse Careers Perfect For Wellness And Fitness Baddies

The Black and Brown wellness and fitness baddies had 2023 in a chokehold, and they're still going strong. Many are creating apps, advocating for body positivity, and showing us that we can redefine narrow, sometimes-misinformed mantras of what "wellness" really means, especially as women of color. And there's indeed money to be made, with professionals---who ensure you're at your healthiest---tapping into the $5.6 trillion industry with boldness and innovation.

That being said (or read), let's get into a few great career options---based on 2024 wellness trends forecast by experts---for women who are passionate about empowering and motivating others to achieve their health goals, and who want to find ways to leverage their skills in those industries to make a good living:

1. Doula/Childbirth Consultant

According to a recent McKinsey report, women are investing more in pregnancy- and mother-related products and services, especially in the realm of women-focused healthcare and facilities. With the underrepresentation of Black and Brown women in the space, this is the perfect opportunity to not only be a disruptor but to expand on the world of the esteemed foremothers of doula and childbirth work.

In this role, where you'll offer physical, emotional, and informational support, you can earn up to $81,000 a year, depending on the region, education, experience, and training.


Per a recent report, women are investing more in pregnancy.

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2. Somnologist/Sleep Coach

The report also indicates that sleep is a key area in terms of wellness trends, with more women looking to increase quantity and quality, with 37 percent of U.S. consumers expressing "a desire for additional sleep and mindfulness products and services." If this is your thing, an intriguing option is becoming a professional who studies and/or treats sleeping disorders or someone who can help women find strategies and methods to help them build healthy sleeping habits or pinpoint barriers to that.

You can earn more than $200,000 per year as a somnologist, and the job requires earning a medical and/or doctoral degree as well as licensing. Sleep coaches can earn six-figure annual salaries as well, but the job doesn't necessarily require a college degree. You'll need training, of course, and you won't have the same duties of a doctor (i.e., diagnosing disorders or prescribing medicines).

3. Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

These professionals address the physical, mental, and even spiritual when considering treatments and remedies when it comes to healthcare. For some, there's an implementation and consideration of science and non-traditional medicine, while others skew more toward natural ways of constructing plans for healing. Certifications and training make for a more credible position in the industry, and you can earn more than $126,000 per year in this role.

If you're fascinated by the connection between our guts and our overall health, this is another realm you can explore under this umbrella, as more than 50 percent of people in the U.S., U.K., and China are prioritizing gut health, according to this report. The average base yearly salary for a gastroenterologist is more than $300,000 in top markets; naturopathic physicians can make more than $100,000 yearly, and as a credentialed physician or nurse, you can specialize in gut health with a natural approach.

Intuitive healing and spiritual wellness are also becoming more of a priority for women, according to this expert, and tools like immersive ASMR are being used for optimal mental wellness, so if you're into ways of combining the nontraditional with traditional when in a healing practice, this role might be perfect for you.


Kickboxing is just one of the combat sports "expected to go more mainstream" in 2024.

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4. Combat Fitness Instructor

Hear me out: We need more Black and Brown women in fields like this, especially since, per the experts, combat sports are "expected to go more mainstream" this year. We're talking about the cardio and other health-related benefits that come from doing activities like jiu-jitsu, karate, kickboxing, to name a few. And if you've ever done a Tae Bo class, whether in-person or via YouTube (a trademarked fitness system created and made famous by Billy Blanks), you've witnessed firsthand what a mix of martial arts and aerobics can do.

You can earn upwards of $76,000 depending on the market and your level of experience, or you can charge by the hour as a freelance instructor. You can also build up your own online platform, create courses for corporations or small businesses, or get hired on women's retreats.

5. Wellness Retreat Entrepreneur

Speaking of retreats, they're all the rage nowadays, and you can't really open your TikTok or Instagram app without seeing an ad for one targeting women. (I mean, just consider how women are willing to pay more than $15,000 for a retreat to help them address the effects of perimenopause and menopause.) And with "slow travel" being a top trend forecast by experts, travelers are apparently craving experiences for grounding, coping with burnout and anxiety, or other mental health restoration that contributes to women's wellness efforts. So, getting into organizing and/or hosting wellness retreats might be your best career move this year.

There are so many facets one could get into with this, so the money you can make doing this can vary. Entrepreneurs and hosts who lead retreats can sure see five- and six-figure revenues for sure, and depending on the scale of the retreat, whether sponsors are involved, and how vast participation is, it can increase to millions.

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