[Video] Lloyd Talks Being In Love & Finding Peace

Plus, Lloyd opens up about the difference between falling in love and being in love.

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Being able to let go of things you can't control is a superpower, one that R&B superstar Lloyd is working hard AF to master under current circumstances. Staying positive amidst police brutality, protests, and a pandemic isn't easy, but in an intimate interview with xoNecole, he explained that with this sage advice, it's totally possible.

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When asked about the state of his mental health during this time, the singer had this to say:

"I'm just angry as fuck. Frustrated. Angry. Emotionally spent. It's really just such a balancing act each passing day. I wake up in the morning and I see my beautiful children. I see these beautiful black faces and it's just so much love I've got for them and then I just pick up my phone and I immediately remember 'Oh shit, everybody don't feel that way about my kids.' Everybody don't feel that way about my mom's son, which is I."

Although Lloyd describes living with a double conscious as a Black man in America as a "balancing act," he finds peace in taking ownership of the things he can control and letting go of the things he can't:

"My motto and foundation for each day and each challenge is to focus on the things you can control, kinda learn to accept the things you can't, but don't be content with the things you can't, just don't allow those things to weigh so heavy on your heart and your shoulders because there are so many other details you can actually control, change, amend today in real time that often can fall to the wayside when you're so focused on these things that are really out of your control in this moment."

In his chat with Dana Blair, the singer also opened up about keeping this same energy in his love life. While he's experienced love with romantic partners in the past, he now sees that falling in love with someone is an entirely different ballgame. Here's how he explains the difference between the two:

"I'd have to say when I fell into what I'm in now. I think this was really the first real, true love and I know that because of the way I think, the way I feel, the way I act. I would say now would be the first… When I started to be able to have, how can I say this, it's really a feeling. I don't know if it was anything in particular. I think there's just a feeling, many experiences over time, connections, just moments that accumulate."

He went on to explain that although he and his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two children, Dehea Abraham, may not always have the same perspective, their differences have allowed them to experience growth both personally and in their relationship:

"Really, I think I realized it when I started to have a perspective of our differences and how that wasn't bad. That's actually a beautiful thing and it can be a great challenge if you want someone to see your side of things, then you either give them the time it takes to be able to understand why you want them to see it that way, or why that's necessary, or you just learn to be different and allow that to be okay. I think just letting go of a lot of premonitions and shit like that."

To watch Lloyd's full interview, click here!

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