Amber Rose Talks Body Positivity: 'I've Embraced My Body Completely'
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Amber Rose Talks Body Positivity: 'I've Embraced My Body Completely'

Amber Rose has always been an advocate for women owning their bodies and their sexuality. After partnering with SlutWalk, which originated in Canada and the model organized in Los Angeles, Amber brings awareness to rape, slut-shaming, and other injustices women face when it comes to their bodies.

However, she has faced a lot of criticism for her SlutWalk and for being outspoken about sexual freedom. In an interview with Yahoo Life, the mom of two shared her views on the body positivity movement, pushing back against criticism and being open with her children about her past.

"I see other feminists and they're just like, 'Well, if she's so body positive then why is she getting lipo?'" she said when speaking about the backlash she has received. "I think being a body-positive person is letting people do what they want with their bodies. You can’t have a standard for someone else's body, you need to mind your business."

"I've embraced my body completely," she continued. "I'm a mother now, I have two children, I had two C-sections and a breast reduction. And so for me, it's just I'm a woman and this is my body and it's changing over the years and I just fully embrace all of my beautiful flaws."

Amber has two boys, a two-year-old named Slash whom she shares with boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, and a nine-year-old named Sebastian whom she shares with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. She revealed that she teaches her eldest son about women.

"My two-year-old, he's still very young, but Sebastian's nine now. Being at that age, I just think it's very important specifically to let him know that this is what women go through," she shared. "My kids know about periods, they know about cramps. My son knows that I was a stripper years ago. It's just in me to make sure that they know that no means no, don't slut-shame."

At 38 years old, Amber has no regrets about how she chose to live her life and she is okay with being the poster child for sexual liberation. She wants women to feel comfortable in their skin and for the world to end slut shaming.

"I don't feel bad about anything. So if that makes me a hoe, I'm okay with that," she said. "It's like, 'Amber's promoting promiscuity to little girls.' All these crazy narratives. It's almost insane. That's not what I promote. I promote grown women owning their bodies, dancing, laughing, dating, dressing with no shame. If people are not smart enough to do their research about me, that's not my problem."

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