Black Dog Moms Are Taking Over Social Media
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Black Dog Moms Are Taking Over Social Media

Black women and their four-legged besties are taking over social media! From rub downs with shea butter to five-star hand-prepared meals and matching robes, content creators are carving out their own lane of #DogMom life on the internet. With every post, Black women are diversifying “Pet TikTok” and breaking stereotypes of Black families and their pets.

In an interview with the I’ve Had It podcast, dog mom Brittani Mfn Monique shared, “There’s a stigma that Black people don’t like animals, don’t like animals on our furniture, and we keep dogs outside in chains. It’s a new generation…we treat our babies like our children.”

xoNecole rounded up five Black dog moms for you to follow that have a little bit of everything from luxury living to four-legged comedians nailing hilarious voiceovers. With breeds from pit bulls to poodles, these ladies are #DogMomGoals and will have your own pup judging you for another morning of kibble and bits instead of making steak and eggs for them for breakfast.

Check out our Black Girl Dog Mom list below for inspiration on bringing the good life to your pup.


Papa and his mom, Ashley, are what you get when you merge The Real Housewives of Atlanta with a WFH dog mom and an adorable golden mini poodle. Papa the Poodle delivers infamous NeNe Leakes voiceovers with a dash of side-eye, judging his mom, Ashley, whenever she has the audacity to leave the house without him. Followers come for the hilarious antics of the two and stay for the looks that Ashley serves. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if Papa saw this article and rolled his eyes at anyone, thinking he’s not the star of the page.



Not me sounding like @Beyoncé 😭😭😭 I ain’t good enough, but HE still loves me! Happy Sunday Family! Thank y’all for being a part of our village! 💙💜🐶 #bigdaddynem #dogfamily #praisethelord #holydog #churchdogs #praiseandworship

“I didn’t raise y’all like that!” Brittani “Mfn” Monique proves we all had the same childhood, and Black mama mannerisms and sayings will work on anyone…even if your children are bulldogs. The mother of five went viral when one of her children “tattled” on his big brother for having his toys and resulting in all five of the dogs being sent straight to bed! Brittani chronicles life with her dogs, starting with the eldest and the most stubborn Big Daddy, the twins' Daisy and Autumn, and the twins Phil and Lil, who just turned one.

Whether it’s chewing out the kids or teaching them how to ring the doorbell, Brittani is changing how society views multiple pets in the household and giving us all a laugh showing that even dogs have baby mama/daddy drama!



💙🐾 Pitbull Morning Routine Moisturizing #foryou #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #pitbull #morningroutine #dogcare #doggrooming #relaxing #viral

When you click on Reignstormpit’s page, followers are immediately transported to a world of food ASMR. Steaks sizzle, rice boils, broccoli is steamed, and eggs are cracked in heart-shaped molds, and it's all served to two pit bulls. Thousands of followers joke in the comments, “Your dogs eat better than me!” and the lavish life doesn’t stop at mealtime. Reign’s bathtime mimics the experience of a luxury spa, including a coconut oil rubdown and heated towels to dry off, and the way she lovingly looks at her mom throughout the whole bath is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. Reign’s page is the finer side of #DogLife and highlights products, foods, and products to elevate your pup’s life!



Don’t leave toys unattended around ya boy! 😅 #hesa10but #hesmine #dogtok #mokensteffhesmine #dogtoys #fyp #dogmomproblems

From Christmas photoshoots, custom birthday cakes, and his favorite meal, Pho, (yes, there is Pho for dogs!) Tia spoils her adorable reddish-brown Cavapoo puppy and affectionately calls him her “broke bestie!” The two-year-old pup keeps followers entertained by walking in his custom “Crimson” hoodie to remind his dog mom, Tia, that her life revolves around him, and honestly, she doesn’t seem to mind!



The eyes , the posture , everything. The way he is big chilling on the pillow that hes not supposed to be on 🙃 #Dogmom #dogsoftiktok #puppytiktok #goldendoodle #doodle #greenscreen

“I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.” But, make it a dog mom, and you get Raven and Kobe. Kobe is a Goldendoodle who keeps his mom on her toes with his adorable antics! The 55-pound dog is always in her arms, whether it's just for some little extra loving or because he’s refusing to get in a pool. Raven couldn’t claim her dog as a dependent, but that doesn’t stop the duo from giving followers laughs on their daily adventures!

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