Meet The Influencers On A Mission To Normalize Black Women And Luxury
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Meet The Influencers On A Mission To Normalize Black Women And Luxury

If you are a frequent reader of my articles, then you know that I am front-of-the-class here for the culture. Using all of my platforms to be vocal about Black women and all things Blackity, Black, Black, Black is how I get down, and frankly, if you aren't here for me bragging on my people, then we probably won't have much in common. The wave has been snowballing too, because so many feel the same way I do, which is something we've had to consciously build up as a community.

The internet is filled with pages showing love to melanin, comments are up and stuck in celebrating our likeness, and we stick together, m'kay?! Just ask TikTok.

But now? Now it's time we take it a step further and level up on what it means to be balanced.

And with that, in walks Clarke Peoples, Amber Janae, and Skylar Marshai. When scouring the internet, I came across these three influencers, who are all on a mission to normalize luxury in Black women's lives. Each woman spoke with POPSUGAR about what it means to indulge in wealth and wellness, which Skylar has coined as 'unapologetic audacity.'

Unapologetic audacity. Love to see it. Write it down, use it in a sentence.

Ultimately, here's what else they had to say:

Clarke Peoples | @clarkepeoples

After going viral on TikTok earlier this year when she posted a day-in-the-life video showcasing her high-rise apartment in New York City (and casually mentioning a date with a millionaire), Clarke amassed over 3.6M views and garnered so much attention, mostly due to the fact that people were labeling her as a "prostitute" and a "sugar baby."

The 20-year-old Columbia student explained:

"I love to see Black women living in luxury [but] people were actually going and responding to other comments asking, `What does she do for a living? Oh she's a prostitute.' I was totally appalled."

Since then, two other videos have racked up millions of views—one where she explains how she makes her living and one recapping a date with a wealthy doctor.

"I see so many videos online of women of other races living lifestyles like this and it's not necessarily the norm, but it's something that when we see it, we don't think twice about it. [Seeing] other Black women who didn't have the best childhoods growing up be able to make it and do it for themselves, I think it's so inspiring."

Skylar Marshai | @skylarmarshai

Skylar Marshai is goals all around and truly lives up to the building a life she romanticizes. The storytelling travel influencer has gained such a luxe lifestyle following, that her social media is littered with comments and post engagement. When asked how she has gotten to this point, she says:

"I think a lot of it is 50 percent manifestation. I spent a lot of time speaking these things into existence and [visualizing] the things I wanted in my life. It's almost like what we were owed. [...] It's beyond the flights. It's beyond the monetary things. It's this idea of abundance and leisure, which Black people are not allowed. We've not been given that before. We've had to make it."

Her parents taught her the audacity of living out loud.

"None of this feels new. None of this feels foreign, especially being a Black woman: it's something that we should normalize more. Stepping into wealth. Stepping in Black love, and it should be easy, like, damn, I don't want to struggle all the time."

Her advice? Fall in love with your life as it is now and the rest will fall into place.

"It's looking at what you might define as luxury and assuming that you can have it. A great first step? Romanticize your morning routine. Romanticize a day in your life. Finding luxury in smaller moments and then integrating it into your life in that way and so you can create luxury for yourself. So often or for the longest time, luxury has been out of touch for us [and] now it's within reach."

Amber Janae | @ajscribes

For Amber Janae, her lifestyle is one that she has always known. The author and lifestyle blogger opens up:

"I come from a lineage of women who are very strong, very independent. I've always grown up around women who, regardless of being married or in long term relationships, they always have their own. They're always able to provide for themselves, live well, but also look really amazing while doing so [...] just quality everything."

In turn, Amber sees luxury as a form of peace.

"Ultimately, I'm living in luxury when I know that everything around me brings me a sense of calm. [...] so the idea that luxury—Black women in luxury or just Black women experiencing luxury in itself—is only tied to material things, completely takes away from living a life of luxury because you continue to feed into the things or pour into the things that live outside of you."

Her advice? Find out what you classify as 'luxury,' and do that. A LOT.

"Just be one with whatever your definition is of being a Black woman and living in luxury. Learn what excites you. Learn what brings you peace. Learn what calms your spirit and continue to strive for those things. Stand on that."

Unapologetic audacity for the win!

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