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About Face: Temela Omofonmwan's Skincare Journey Started As A Family Affair

In About Face, xoNecole gets the 411 on IGers who give us #skincaregoals on a daily. Here they break down their beauty routines on the inside and out, as well as the highly coveted products that grace their shelves and their skin.

Having glowing skin is an art that many strive to perfect, and Temela Omofonmwan has radiant skin down to a science. She frequently shares her secrets with her TikTok followers, opening up about products and overall skincare hacks that have given her a perfect radiance.

Skincare is a daily ritual to some, but to Omofonmwan, skincare has always been a family affair. “I like to joke that I’m a shea butter baby because my earliest memories were my mom giving me oat baths and making sure I was moisturized,” says Omofonmwan. Her mother’s passion for healthy skincare naturally weaved into her daughter. Omofonmwan began experimenting with different skincare products as she grew into her youth and was heavily guided by other beauty gurus telling her the latest skincare trends.

With enthusiasm, Omofonmwan went to her local drugstore with the goal of obtaining the skin of her idols, Angela Bassett and Halle Berry. However, Omofonmwan quickly learned the adverse side effects of trying too many skincare products. Omofonmwan tells us, “I have damaged my skin barrier. Then, I’d have to figure out how to fix that problem. It slowly became a rabbit hole of fixing different issues with my skin when I barely had anything to begin with.”

Omofonmwan experience is radically relatable to most young girls and women today. Constantly being influenced to fix non-existent issues. Still, we run to our local beauty stores, hoping to achieve skin on par with societal standards. Moisturizers, serums, and beauty tools occupy our self-appreciation for our skin's essence. We become trapped within the rat race of beauty trends, and the moment we complete the marathon, another beauty product hits the market for us to chase after.

There comes a point when we must ask ourselves if we are running towards “skin goals” or further away from who we are.


“I’ve learned not to fixate on things anymore. I’m not trying to fix everything that’s ‘wrong with me’ because nothing is. I was just influenced to think that it was,” says Omofonmwan. Knowing the influence of social media and being on the content creator side has allowed Omofonmwan to be aware of her influence. Along with skincare videos, she frequently shares trending sounds making fun of daily life. Her sense of humor is a nod to remind us all not to take life or beauty trends too seriously.

Still, Omofonmwan radiates as she discusses the views on the world of beauty. I couldn’t help but ask about her skincare routine. Read below to learn more about what she shared.


Keep scrolling for more insight into Temela Omofonmwan’s morning and night skincare routines.

Temela's Morning Skincare Routine:

Step One: Gua Sha

Pink Moon

“I need this to depuff my eyes in the morning. I either use this or cold spoons to bring down my puffiness.”

Step Two: Hero Cosmetics Cleanser


“I have sensitive skin, so I like to keep my cleanser as basic as possible. It’s also affordable, and I love that so much.”

Step Three: La Roche-Posay Moisturizer


“I love it because it’s not too heavy. I can also wear them in the winter and summer, which is great because I don’t have to change them! It’s also an affordable product people can use.”

Step Four: Krave Beauty SPF


“They just reformulated it, and I love how it sits on my skin.”

Step Five: Summer Fridays Facial Oil


“I use this to lock everything in for the day. My skin needs to stay moisturized, and this helps.”

Temela's Nighttime Skincare Routine:

Step One: Hero Cosmetics Cream Cleanser


“This is the same cleanser I use in the morning, and it works just as well at night.”

Step Two: La Roche-Posay Night Moisturizer


“This is similar to the morning moisturizer, but it’s just the nighttime version. I loved their daytime moisturizer, and once I like something, I need it in all variations.”

Step Three: Medik8 Retinal 6


“If you have super sensitive skin, this is a good one. It is expensive, but for me, it’s worth it.”

Step Four: Summer Fridays Facial Oil


“Again, I love to lock in my moisture so it can last. I use this product day and night to ensure I’m as moisturized as possible.”

Extra Skin Treatment(s): 

I’m From Honey Mask

I'm From

“Every once in a while, I like to include a honey mask in my routine. I gravitate to this on days when my skin feels dry. Honey masks are naturally healing and hydrating.”

Laser Facial By Dr. Michelle Henry 

“I’ve been adding lasers for the past two years, and I’ve been loving them. They’ve made such a huge difference in my skin by not making me break out as much. I currently see Dr. Michelle Henry in New York City, and she is absolutely amazing!”

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