Offset Shares The Skincare Tip That Is Cardi B Approved
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Offset Shares The Skincare Tip That Is Cardi B Approved

There’s nothing like a man who knows the importance of skincare and how attractive it is to women. It can be something as simple as keeping the nails clean or knowing which products to use to stay moisturized. Offset is one of the many men who have caught on to this truth, and he recently participated in Harper’s Bazaar’s Go To Bed With Me YouTube series, where he gave a glimpse into his nighttime routine. Step by step, the “Jealously” rapper detailed the products he uses, and the one thing he takes pride in that makes his wife Cardi B swoon.


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Offset revealed that he has oily skin, so he uses Stridex pads, which he started using because of his mom. “She put me on these in high school,” he explained. “You know you going through little puberty, get a little bumps here on your forehead and stuff like that. She knew I had oily skin, so I don’t know how she found the product, but it’s worked since then.”


Harper's Bazaar/ YouTube

Next, the Atlanta native shared the secret to keeping his skin smooth, which is something wifey Cardi can’t get enough of. “I don’t wear lotion, so I only do Aquaphor and oil. Fellas, if you do that routine and you just keep at that routine for a minute, your skin will be smooth. The ladies lay down and be like, ‘Ooh, I didn’t know your skin was this soft.’ Trust me, my wife always tell me.”

He also likes to use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter oil after taking a shower.


Harper's Bazaar/ YouTube

The “Say My Grace” artist also shared his secret to smelling good. He shared that Cardi doesn’t like cologne because of the strong smell, so he just sticks to Dove spray deodorant. “I always wore women Dove deodorant. I’ma always do the women one because it’s calmer. It isn’t too strong,” he said. “I don’t like my deodorant like bussing through. I wanna, when you hug me, I smell good, not like just urrr. Sometimes the man deodorant be a little too aggressive. I like the soft smell so I’d rather go Dove spray, fellas.”

Lastly, he encouraged all the fellas to keep their hands and feet clean. “Fellas, it’s okay to go sit in the shop; get your nails done. It’s a clean thing to do. If you’re a super tough guy, just look at it like taking a shower, bro. It’s hygiene. You’re keeping up with yourself.

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Feature image by Harper's Bazaar/ YouTube

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