8 US Travel Destinations Satisfying Your 2021 Wanderlust

8 US Travel Destinations Satisfying Your 2021 Wanderlust

Think you have to leave the US to have a great vacation this year? Think again.


I think that we can all agree that international travel is one of the things we miss the most ever since COVID-19 forced us to experience a new normal. Traveling internationally can still be a bit tricky as several countries are still giving the US and its citizens the side-eye due to the current number of COVID-19 cases here. Besides, travel bans, entry, and re-entry requirements seem to be changing by the day which adds another element to consider when traveling outside of the US.

The Centers for Disease Control provides a country-by-country risk assessment if you still plan to travel to another country, however, if you still aren't ready to leave the United States, it doesn't mean that you can't indulge in some travel this year. There are plenty of places right here in the US that will be sure to satisfy the wanderlust that I'm sure we're all experiencing right about now.

Check them out below.

1.Napa Valley, California


One word: Wine. Do I really need to say more? Napa Valley, home to over three hundred wineries is one of the most famous wine regions. For most of the year, the weather is pretty close to perfect so there isn't really a bad time to go. So, whether you want to plan a romantic getaway with your boo or a fun girls' trip, Napa Valley has you covered with five-star restaurants, beautiful hotels, and spas.

2.Key West, Florida 


Want to experience a Caribbean-like vacation without leaving the US? Well, look no further than Key West. One look at all of the beautiful conch-style architecture, stunning beaches, and rich history, you'll swear you're no longer in the US. Key West is not only beautiful to look at but there's tons to do from dolphin watching, to snorkeling, to kayaking, to sailing. No worries, if you're not the adventurous type because you can drink by the pool and eat deliciously fresh seafood all day too.

3.Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts


It may take a bit of work to get there but that hasn't stopped people from flocking to Martha's Vineyard for a summer getaway and that is not expected to change in 2021. Martha's Vineyard is known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches, great food, and most of all for its worst kept secret: being a hideaway for the rich and famous.

4.Chena Hot Springs Resort, Fairbanks, Alaska


Chena Hot Springs Resort is probably one of the most popular and accessible natural hot springs in the state. Visiting the Chena Hot Springs Resort will for sure give you a touch of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland feels. The resort is also home to a campground, a restaurant, and an ice museum. You can even catch a view of the Northern Lights if you visit in the winter. The resort also allows day trips if you have other plans for accommodations.

5.Aspen, Colorado


Put your Ivy Park, Icy Park collection to good use and visit Aspen. You are certainly welcome to visit Aspen any time of the year but there is something to be said about visiting in the winter and experiencing one of the city's four ski resorts. If skiing (or other outdoor activities) isn't really your thing, Aspen is a literal shopping hub with stores like Prada and Gucci. You can also relax at one of their many spas after a long day of shopping.

6.Santa Fe, New Mexico


History. Culture. Art. Architecture. Healing. Those are just some of the things you can expect when you visit Santa Fe. Santa Fe literally has something for everyone. Home to a plethora of museums and art galleries, delicious fresh cuisine, hot springs, hiking trails, and spas.

7.Kauai, Hawaii


Kauai, Hawaii's fourth-largest island may not be the first island that comes to mind when you think of Hawaii but that doesn't make it any less beautiful than the others. The island is laid back but also offers tourists tons to do from kayaking, to ziplining, to snorkeling. An additional perk is that Kauai is often not as crowded as the other islands.

8.Palm Springs, California


In search of a vacation where you can just sit by the pool and drink cocktails all day? Well, look no further than Palm Springs. Palm Springs, known for its eclectic food and drink scene and luxurious hotels can certainly give you all of that and more. If you can manage to pull yourself from the pool, Palm Springs has plenty of other activities for you to indulge in like hiking, shopping, spas, and museums. Palm Springs is also only a two-hour drive from LA if you find that you want to venture there for a fun day trip.

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