20 Pictures That Prove Butterfly Nails Are The Must-Try Trend Of Summer 2020
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20 Pictures That Prove Butterfly Nails Are The Must-Try Trend Of Summer 2020

In Christianity, butterflies are symbolic of resurrection. In ancient Chinese culture, butterflies were considered as an emblem of love, and to Native Americans, they were a symbol of transformation. To people all around the world, butterflies are seen as a sign of joy, change, and endurance, and boy, have we had to endure some sh*t in 2020.

While this year has turned out to be quite the emotional roller coaster, there's nothing like a good beauty find to keep our spirits high, and the new butterfly nail trend will keep you uplifted all damn season. Using jewels, stickers, and hand-painted nail art, these nail techs have created trendy designs that will have you ready to book an appointment with your nail tech ASAP.

Scroll below for all the butterfly nail inspo you didn't know you needed:

Featured image by Instagram/@nailsbytraciaashley.

Exclusive: Gabrielle Union On Radical Transparency, Being Diagnosed With Perimenopause And Embracing What’s Next

Whenever Gabrielle Union graces the movie screen, she immediately commands attention. From her unforgettable scenes in films like Bring It On and Two Can Play That Game to her most recent film, in which she stars and produces Netflix’s The Perfect Find, there’s no denying that she is that girl.

Off-screen, she uses that power for good by sharing her trials and tribulations with other women in hopes of helping those who may be going through the same things or preventing them from experiencing them altogether. Recently, the Flawless by Gabrielle Union founder partnered with Clearblue to speak at the launch of their Menopause Stage Indicator, where she also shared her experience with being perimenopausal.

What You Need To Know About Dating A Fire Sign

If you are looking to bring a little spice into your life, dating a fire sign is the way to do it. These bold lovers are confident enough to take the lead but may surprise you with how generous they are as well. Fire signs are the heat, the passion, the charisma, and the heart of the zodiac. They are often the initiators in love, and don’t mind making the first move. The three fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, love uniquely in their own way, but all have a lasting impact on those they meet.

You can feel a fire sign’s energy from a mile away, and getting close to them on a romantic level is a whole other type of heat.