The Here To Slay Collection​

Although no season truly requires an overhaul of your wardrobe, it can't be denied that this summer season has us all more excited than usual. Along with the return of bottomless brunches and tropical girls' trips, the need for style to be fun and personalized is arguably more noticeable post-lockdown. After a year of athleisure and loungewear, it's unsurprising that our feeds are saturated with looks worthy of the streets of Paris.

What's also not surprising, but equally as satisfying, is seeing the amount of black-owned looks curated via various TikTok trends, from style icons to celebrities. Black-owned clothing brands seemed to boom last summer, and while the listicles have stopped and fewer brands are standing behind the black squares posted on Instagram, Black-owned brands are still of the utmost importance. Equality, at all levels and across all industries, is something that needs to be done more often. It's a dance we have to keep participating in and perfecting as we go.

From ready-to-wear premium clothing to ethically sourced African garments, this collection is curated to stock your entire wardrobe in woman-owned, Black-owned clothing. Each product is quintessential for the season, whether you're looking for a trend-worthy piece for the summer holidays or an investment piece to effortlessly elevate your professional wardrobe.

Itohan High-Rise Thong Orange

Cut from a premium printed polyamide fabric, the Itohan swimsuit bottoms are high-waisted and thong-shaped for a little cheeky excitement.

Kai Collective

Vacation Me Please Bikini Set

The Vacation Me Please bikini set by Curvy Fox is a sweet suit perfect for any vacation you have planned. The tie-front top allows for the perfect fit for any body shape while the inclusive sizing means anyone can be pretty in pink.

Curvy Fox

Adore Me Ruched White Skirt Set

We love melanin dripped in white! This all-white set is sexy and feminine, and perfect for any summer day party.

Rich Addiction

New York Chain Necklace

The New York Chain necklace is a go-to piece for minimalist and effortless summer styling. Handcrafted and available in a variety of platings, this simple chain is the piece that'll keep giving for years to come.

Sammi Maria Jewelry

Venom Ear Jackets

Say hello to the newest (and sexiest!) earrings in your collection. The Venom Ear Jackets are the perfect cherry on top of your steamy summer nights.

Sucre Couture

Kelli Necklace

This Kelli Necklace is a simple style that you can wear day or night. It's bold, edgy, and totally reflective of its brand hometown, LA.


Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

Jump onto the 80's trend wave with oversized bamboo earrings like these from 1929 Galore. They are available in two sizes and perfect to dress up or down.

1929 Galore

The Nabi Ring

The Nabi Ring is a simple and understated stunner that's easily adjustable and easy to pair/layer with other rings. It's available in gold and silver.

Oma the Label

Good Eye Pendant Necklace

Keep yourself fully aligned and make a bold statement with the Good Eye Pendant Necklace. It's available in two colors and with additional chain links for your preference.

The Good Vibe Collection

Stay Wavy Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are an absolute must in 2021 when it comes to on-trend accessories. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and cop CocoxRobyn's rendition of the season's hottest accessory: the Stay Wavy bucket hat. It's lit.


Joey Suit Trousers Macadamia

Elevate your summer style with an incredible pair of suit trousers, such as the Joey Trousers from Re Ona. Constructed using the finest fabric, these trousers feature deep pockets as well as an elasticated waistband to ensure a waist-cinching fit.

Re Ona

Tatu Tube Top


Talk about a vibe, the Tatu Tube Top as well as the other offerings in the House of Ivy collection are all beautiful nods to Africa, with fabric for the products sourced from West Africa. The minimalistic designs blend everyday with easy breezy vacation looks.

House of Ivy

Josie 4.0

A standout piece in any wardrobe, these vintage Levis with grommet detail are the key to nailing any streetwear look this summer.

Samaria Leah

Toni Halter Dress

Spice up every room you walk into with the Toni Halter Dress from Citrus Husk Boutique. The multiway self-tie halter has ruched side detail and guaranteed a favorite ths season.

Citrus Husk Boutique

Ruched Mesh Dress - Merlot

A dress that understands the assignment, this merlot rouched dress is a staple for any special occasion this season.

Undra Celeste New York

Red Oval Place Skirt

It's hard to find the perfect skirt but this one from Sammy B Designs is in the running. With a hidden elastic waist and modern wave hemline, you can easily pair this with a lightweight pullover for a casual occasion, or a form-fitting bodysuit for a cute night out.

Sammy B Designs

Sage Children's Joggers

These pull-on joggers are so fashion-forward, we couldn't exclude it from our must-have list! Made with 100 percent organic cotton in the USA, who doesn't want their little one in these?

Minibrook Kids Apparel

Yarra Biker Shorts

The biker short is the perfect staple for summer because it's so easy to style. This version from Roam Loud has a longer hemline and high-waisted for a cinched in feel.

Roam Loud

ZEN-105 Aviator Sunglasses

Nothing says summer quite like a pair of classic aviator glasses, like these from Coco x Breezy. The coveted silhouette is a long-lasting trend that's well worth the investment.

Coco and Breezy

Rosé Sunglasses

See the world through Rosé-colored glasses this season. These lightweight Rosé sunnies are perfect for those days sipping Rosé with your best friends. We're just saying.

Tribal Eyes

Floyd Sunglasses

If you're in need of an easy, nostalgic vibe this summer, look no further than this cute pair of sunglasses from 3rdeyeview. Plus, the oversized square shape is a fun trend to try for summer.


FINN Sandal

This sultry strappy sandal will be your summer go-to for every event. Handmade in Italy, the FINN Sandal by Chelsea Paris comes in a variety of colors.

Chelsea Paris

Tamu Gold Sandal

Stand up and stand tall before you conquer the world in these sleek and sophisticated strappy gold sandals. The Tamu gold sandals are absolutely the standard in the shoe game hall of fame.


The Jojo Flat

A coveted leftover from 2020, a good flat will take you far this summer. This hand-dyed leather flat by Salone Monet is effortlessly chic with a timeless silhouette.

Salone Monet

Soleil Ballet Flat Lilac

Add sophistication to your outfit without sacrificing comfort with these lilac flats from Aminah Abdul Jillil.

Aminah Abdul Jillil

Adia Boot - Yellow

This show-stopping shoe is perfect for slaying any party this season. Made in Italy with applique detail, you won't regret this investment.

Tori Soudan

Flashdance Roller Skates

Rolling skating is a trend that's not going away, and the Flashdance roller skate is perfect for dipping your toe in the trend.

Moonlight Roller

Carenage Stripe Robe

You can never go wrong with investing in luxurious sleepwear. This multicolored robe by Fe Noel is perfect around the house, or paired over a casual outfit for a day out.

Fe Noel

Cloud Sock

The Cloud Sock will be one of the coziest investments you'll make this summer. Made in America, a portion of the proceeds from the lavender color are donated to food distribution in Kenya.

Brother Vellies

Tiwa Washable Silk Shorts Set - Blue

This reversible silk set is the chic alternative to traditional loungewear this summer. The buttery soft set by Ejona Label is flirty and easy to wear but with ample coverage.

Ejona Label

Jewelled Paisley Pyjama Set With Matching Headscarf

This modern three-piece set with luxury French seams and double-turned hems screams, "Black girl luxury." The LJ Signature pattern and exquisite quality exude comfort and elegance.

LJ Signature

Words by Courtney Simpson

Featured image designed by Kyra James

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\u200bTimeekah Murphy designs for Megan Thee Stallion "Hiss" Video

Timeekah Murphy

Photo courtesy

xoNecole: How did the opportunity to create such an iconic look for Megan Thee Stallion's "Hiss" video come about?

Timeekah Murphy: The opportunity came from a DM from celebrity stylist Zerina Akers. She asked for a unique Shibari piece for Megan, and I needed to get it done in two days. So, of course, I did everything in my power to make it happen. I've always wanted to design for Megan, so this was an awesome opportunity for me.

xoN: What was that initial feeling of seeing the dress on her for the first time? 

TM: I was shocked because, at first, I thought it hadn't been used. I saw Megan's last video and thought, damn, maybe it didn't fit. So, to see it on such an amazing video was breathtaking. I was beyond excited to finally say I designed for her.

xoN: Did you meet her? If so, how was that moment?

TM: I didn't meet Megan during the shoot, but during my time in LA, I got the opportunity to meet her at LA Pride with Tiffany Haddish, Common, and EJ King (stylist). Megan is such an amazing person, so it made it even better to know that my designs were going to be worn by her.

I was shocked because, at first, I thought it hadn't been used. I saw Megan's last video and thought, damn, maybe it didn't fit. So, to see it on such an amazing video was breathtaking. I was beyond excited to finally say I designed for her.
Timeekah Murphy making Shibari piece for Megan Thee Stallion

Photo courtesy

xoN: Walk us through the creation of the dress. How did you come up with the look, and how long did it take to make it?

TM: I was the co-designer for a brand called Deviant in 2018-2020, and we used to make custom Shibari pieces. That's how Zerina knew me. So I'm very familiar with making these types of pieces. We made plenty for Beyoncé, Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, Tyra Banks, and so many others. So Zerina knew exactly what she wanted.

To get it done, it took me a day and a half. It's very intricate and time-consuming, so I spent about six hours making it then I sent an image of it to Zerina, and she didn't approve the first one, so I had to start from scratch again after getting my guidance and understanding of what was needed. The next day, I went to The Lab and created another version, and she approved it. I had to get it shipped overnight so that she would get it in time and fast forward to seeing it on the big screen.

xoN: What's next for you?

TM: Everything. The sky is not my limit, so the Alani Taylor brand is expanding into so many different avenues. We are getting involved in the community more, offering sewing classes to the youth. I've opened up a store for my brand in Atlanta and now preparing for fall/winter Fashion Week.

\u200bMegan Thee Stallion "Hiss" video/ YouTube

Megan Thee Stallion "Hiss" video/ YouTube

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