Saweetie Says She Thought Quavo Was ‘The One’ & Revealed What She Learned From Their Relationship
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Saweetie Says She Thought Quavo Was ‘The One’ & Revealed What She Learned From Their Relationship

Saweetie is the latest guest on Yung Miami’s Revolt podcast Caresha Please and the City Girls rapper proved why folks are dubbing her the new Oprah. Miami got the Grammy award-winning artist to spill the tea on her personal life including her former relationship with Quavo. Saweetie has been pretty mum about her breakup with the Migos rapper sans her announcing their split on Twitter in March 2021. But during the interview, the Bay-Area beauty revealed that she was “hurt” by it.

“Last year was hard for me. I lost someone who I loved,” Saweetie started. “When you think someone is your soulmate and you don’t end up with them, it’s hard. A lot of people thought I was just having fun, and the single life but I was hurt. I really loved him and I was just doing a lot of soul-searching.”

She added, “My problem is I be thinking about 10 years from now and we’re gonna have this, this and that, so when that don’t happen, I be like, my dreams be like shattered.”

The “My Type” artist and Quavo began dating in 2018 after he slid into her Instagram DMs. The couple seemed to have a picture-perfect relationship. They appeared on multiple red carpets together and even collaborated on songs. But they did endure some hardships including a cheating scandal. When Miami asked if the “Hotel Lobby” rapper cheated on her, she kept it cute and said, "I think the past is the past and I've moved on since then."

She delved further into her past with Quavo later on in the interview and shared that she thought the ATL native was the one.

“I think we had a lot of growing pains together,” Saweetie said after Miami asked whether she thought their relationship was toxic.

“I thought we was gon’ spend the rest of our lives together. With him, I just knew it was the one. It was different.”

She cited their “differences” as the reason for their split but doesn’t seem to regret their time together.

“I was just hella enthralled with who he was as a human. Even if he wasn’t a rapper, I would of still been in love with him,” Saweetie said.

While the “Back to the Streets” rhymer and Quavo may not rekindle their relationship anytime soon, she admitted that she learned a lot from being with him and shared how it helped her develop into a woman.

“Honestly, I think I learned how to be a woman because the way I was raised, I was raised in a really tough environment. Both of my parents was tough but since I was in love, I was like it’s time for me to step it up as a woman.”

While she’s now living a single life, Saweetie is continuing to grow and flourish as an artist and is looking forward to sharing her progress with the world with her upcoming album Pretty B–ch Music and she is also dating.

Yung Miami & Saweetie Talk Getting To The Bag, Quavo Break Up, Dating Type & More | Caresha Please

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