Why The September Surge Is The Perfect Time To Job Hunt For Your Next Career Move
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Why The September Surge Is The Perfect Time To Job Hunt For Your Next Career Move

Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. When it comes to job hunting, everyone seems to be looking for a job, in an interview process, or getting ready to get back out there to make some kind of career change. Sometimes there doesn’t always feel like a light at the end of the tunnel but staying consistent can get you the new career you want.

With that being said, there are times of the year when your chances of finding your new career are better than others. One of those times is upon us now and it has been referred to as the September Surge.

What is the September Surge? 

Okay so let’s just get to it. September Surge is the time of year when your potential to get a job is greater because companies go on a hiring uptick. The reason this is happening is because September marks the end of summer in most places. Many hiring managers, recruiters, etc. are coming back from summer vacations and are returning to their jobs.

The other thing to know is that most companies operate on a fiscal calendar that begins in September. This means that companies have the budget to fill positions and you will begin to see an increase in the amount of jobs that are posted as well as an increase in hiring activities.

This “surge" typically lasts from after Labor Day until Halloween, so you have a long time to get yourself out there if you are looking to make a career move.

How do you get prepared for September Surge?

I did some of the research for you and went to TikTok to ask an expert. Shaque’l Wilson, also known as the 6-Figure Chick (@shaquel_the6figurechick), has been a constant staple on #careertok where she posts her "jobs of the day," which usually include jobs in the tech space with six-figure salaries and incredibly sought after benefits packages. Through her content, she breaks down what you need to do to break into tech, scale the corporate ladder, and land a six-figure paying job in a way that empowers you to step into the job hunting with confidence and knowledge.

Shaque’l has helped hundreds of people land the career they want and offers services like DIY optimization of your resume and LinkedIn, as well as her accelerator program which gives you access to her and her resourceful team for a more hands-on experience.

Just my luck, Shaque”l happens to be very responsive to her TikTok comments, so I asked her what should someone who is job hunting have prepared for September Surge. She responded in a TikTok post and here are the top things that you should do according to the 6-Figure Chick to make September Surge work for you:


Replying to @Amer-Marie Woods hope this helps love!! #blackwomenintech #newjob #careertransition #jobhelp #septembersurge #layoffs

  1. Start applying to jobs early. Honestly, the time to start applying is in August. This is when recruiters gather all of the candidates that they will want to send through the application process in early September. Networking as early as possible gives you a better chance of being seen first and staying on a recruiter’s mind. But, no worries if you have not started yet, you should go ahead and get your materials organized now.
  2. Find companies that you are interested in and look to see if they have posted new job listings. You should also be doing this on the job boards that you trust as often as every other day. This is to stay on top of what new job postings are there because an influx of jobs will be appearing. A quick tip: Shaque’l has a TikTok that covers the job boards that she recommends besides using LinkedIn and Indeed, with verified jobs listed on them.
  3. Get specific on what job titles you are going to go after. You need to tailor or optimize your resume to that specific job. Additionally, you should also be optimizing your LinkedIn with keywords and updating your information so that when recruiters are doing a search you can be easily found. This part should be done first before you start to press the button on applying for jobs.

One last thing: always make sure you are networking! Your chances of getting a new career are higher when you have a referral from someone in the company.

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