Job Bulletin: Daily Writer

Job Bulletin: Daily Writer

Do you want to be a part of the xoNecole tribe? Well, come join the squad! We are currently looking for new writers, contributors, and freelancers to add to our growing team. The perfect fit are storytellers who aren't afraid to breathe new life into old ideas, are bold, transparent and willing to add color to social commentary on the latest in news, culture, entertainment, style, and beauty.

Who is xoNecole?

I'm glad you asked.

xoNecole is a digital mecca and lifestyle platform for the modern-day liberated millennial woman of color. With a bevy of original content that covers high heels in high places, making money moves, what's popping in beauty, politics and pop culture, vacays and baecays, and our own special brand of sexucation, xoNecole is the conversation starter that encourages women to lead more inspired and empowered lives.

What are we looking for?

Daily Writer

Who is our ideal match?

  • You have a firm understanding and grasp of the xoNecole voice and can inform and/or present your opinion to readers in an engaging and resonating manner. No copy and paste writers please.
  • You are in the know with important pop culture topics, current events, timely news stories, what's trending, and the like.
  • You can pitch and conceptualize article ideas with clear angles to contribute 1-2 well-thought out articles per day.
  • You work well under pressure and have the ability to stick to deadlines, as well as adhere to quick turnaround times when necessary.
  • You have excellent writing and grammar skills – yasss!

Here are some samples of what we're looking for from a daily writer:

If this sounds like you, hit us up!

  • Email us at gigs@xonecole.com with a brief introduction about who you are as a writer and the kind of writing that you do.
  • Include 3-5 pitch ideas with a sample title and a brief synopsis of the angle that you'd approach the proposed article with.
  • Full draft submissions are more than welcome. In fact, they tend to give us a better idea of if you're a fit for us as a writer. And if you have writing samples, that'd be dope to include too.
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