LeToya Luckett Is Married & The Story of How They Met Is A Fairytale

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When it comes to experiencing a fairytale love, you never know how you'll meet your Prince Charming.

And when LeToya met her now-husband, Dallas-based entrepreneur Tommicus Walker, she probably didn't even know that this was the man that she had been praying for all along.

The couple married this past Sunday (December 10) in a mansion in Austin, Texas. And though the wedding was beautifully lavish, it is the story of how the two met that will truly captivate your heart.

After a short-lived marriage to Rob Hill Sr., LeToya prayed for a good man to enter her life and often sought out advice from close friend and star of OWN series The Book Of John Gray, Pastor John Gray. He assured her that she would find a husband before 2018. According to an exclusive with ESSENCE, LeToya revealed back in August after the two got engaged that Pastor John Gray prophesized LeToya's prayers being answered before her and Tommicus ever crossed paths.

LeToya and Tommicus probably have the most modern day fairytale "how we met" story ever. After running into designer Nikki Chu at a wedding shortly after her divorce, LeToya was blindly set up with Tommicus, the brother of Nikki Chu's then-boyfriend. Nikki felt in her heart that the two would hit it off and LeToya trusted her friend enough to go through with it.

LeToya stated in the ESSENCE exclusive:

"I thought, oh, he sounds amazing – a man of God, a good father – and I trusted her because she'd really gotten to know him over a few years."

Her only wish before agreeing was that he would not be able to know her full identity--at least in the very beginning.

Though most people would have been skeptical to do such a thing, LeToya had enough faith to know that God wouldn't steer her wrong. The day after Nikki gave Tommicus her number, he called and they immediately hit it off. After weeks of talking and remaining a complete mystery, the two began praying together and reading bibles scriptures together over the phone.

"Immediately, the chemistry was there. We started talking and laughing. He's from Texas just like me. Talking to him felt like being home again. We talked for a few weeks and he still didn't know what I looked like or my full name or anything like that."

Finally, Tommicus flew out with his daughter to Los Angeles to meet his mystery woman--though he still didn't realize who she was until a Facetime call from her best friend Eudoxie Bridges (the wife of rapper Ludacris) put her in the hot seat to finally reveal her true identity.

Their first date was a normal dinner date but it was their second date that, according to ESSENCE, let LeToya know just how madly in love she was with her new beau. LeToya invited along a friend and the couple took Walker's daughter to Disneyland for the day. LeToya taking a leap of faith and letting her dear friend set her up blindly changed her life as she knew it. And now she's secured the bag with a life partner and a ring!

She knew he was the one because she received exactly what she wanted out of a relationship:

"I love that he isn't in the entertainment business, but yet he still understands me and he's so supportive...He gets me, but he sees Toya. And that's what I've always wanted. I'd say, 'God, whoever you have for me, I want them to see me. I want them to see my heart. I want them to see me crystal clear in their eyes the way you see me in yours.' And, he sees me. And there's no better feeling."

God listened and LeToya got what she prayed for and then some.

If there's anything that we can learn from this fairytale love story is that when you are patient and believe in the love that you rightfully deserve, God will answer your prayers---He is always listening.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and may God bless your union.

Read all the details behind their winter wedding on ESSENCE.

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