Demetria Obilor & Her "Mini-D" Show Us Representation Matters

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Remember Demetria Obilor — the Channel 8 anchor with the figure-8 body once deemed "too thick" for TV?

Well, the news anchor, who got the support of everyone from Gabrielle Union, Chance the Rapper, and thousands of fans online, is back representing for the culture.

And this time, it's not for the women with curves, but instead, the girls with curls!

Recently, a mother by the name of Tiffany Jones tweeted out to the ABC Dallas News anchor, that her daughter was a huge fan of Obilor's big hair, and even likens her curls to that of her own. She captioned the photo, "Mommy.....look, my hair is like @DemetriaObilor from tv" Karsyn loves watching "Miss Demetria" every morning on @wfaa @wfaatraffic"

It didn't take long for Demetria to catch wind of the tweet, later inviting 4-year-old Karysn and her family, to her show.

The young girl with the bouncy hair and even bouncier personality could barely contain her excitement as she not only danced and laughed her way on set, but "Mini-D" also helped Obilor co-anchor the news:

Clearly, these two have a lot more than just amazing hair in common — they are both made for TV, and can instantly steal the attention (and hearts) of viewers.

During a sit-down with Karysn and her mother, the 26-year-old anchor spoke on her Nigerian background and the importance of representation in media:

"Growing up, I didn't see any news anchors with curly hair or natural hair or even braids. So I do see [representation] as a big deal... For so long there were no products that even suited our her."
"[Karysn] is such a confident girl, and that's so important to instill at such a young age."

Last year, before Demetria went viral for being body-shamed, she received hate-mail for her hair, and tweeted out a screengrab of a troll who claimed he "fast forwards" every time her coils hit his screen:

A shame! In a personal essay with Elle last year, Demetria dropped gems about embracing the woman that she is and not needing to adapt for anyone's palette:

"There's so much that's 'unacceptable.' Your hair needs to be straight; if it's curly or an afro it's unprofessional. If you have curves, you need to wear a huge fit-and-flare dress to hide them, because it's too big or too sensual or too erotic. I shouldn't have to wear a potato sack to make you feel comfortable. I've heard people say, 'Well, you're in Texas now. We're more conservative."'So you're telling me that every time I travel to a different state, I have to assimilate to its cultural norms and values in order to be accepted? That's not what America stands for. America is supposed to be a melting pot based on freedom from religious persecution and cultural persecution. Don't tell me I have to assimilate."

Luckily, the majority rules, and Demetria is a fan-favorite on Dallas news scene and pretty much all of America. Besides, when you have the three C's — curves, curls, and confidence — you're unstoppable.

Something that Demetria is showing all young brown girls of the world.

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