Tamron Hall Chose To Embark On Her Motherhood Journey At 48, And Here's Why
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Tamron Hall Chose To Embark On Her Motherhood Journey At 48, And Here's Why

Society has had a history of pressuring women into believing that their overall success would be based on getting married and starting a family. But in recent years, as women gained their independence and sought to make a name for themselves by pursuing their careers, many have received flak by either choosing not to settle down and have children or waiting to become mothers later in life.

Although the individual's reasons behind that decision may vary, in Tamron Hall's case, becoming a mother in her late 40s allowed her to accomplish many things, including chasing after life-long goals. The talk show host opened up about motherhood and more during a recent interview with Women's Health.

Hall welcomed her first child, with the help of IVF treatments, at 48 years old, in April 2019 with her husband, Steve Greener.

Tamron On Being Pregnant in Her 40s and Without a Job

In the interview, Hall shared that she initially found out she was pregnant with her son Moses Greener almost a year after leaving her job in 2017 at the Today Show to pursue other endeavors, including hosting and producing her own talk show, The Tamron Hall Show.

"Motherhood came at an unexpected period in my life when, for the first time since the age of 16, I wasn't working. I was 48 and unemployed. I'd just left the Today Show, my dream job, to pursue other goals and bet on myself. At the same time, I'd connected with an acquaintance who would soon become more than a friend. We took a leap of faith and decided to pursue love and parenthood," she said while mentioning how her relationship with Greener had gradually progressed into marriage and parenthood.

The now 52-year-old expressed that becoming a mother later in life and building the career she has always envisioned gave her the room to "be the parent" she always wanted to be because she had accomplished everything she wanted.

"Being a parent at this point in my career gives me room to create the show I dreamed of and the environment to be the parent I want to be, Hall said. "I make it a point to show my team the real me: the 'workaholic' who will now say I have a hard out to pick up my son from school. I hope to lead by example and grace, to empower other parents to feel supported to do the same."

Tamron On Her Mother Being a Teen Mom and The Lessons She Learned From That

Also, in the interview, Hall revealed the lessons she learned about life growing up with her mother, Mary Newton, and her grandfather. Although she didn't provide many details regarding her childhood, Hall stated that Newton was a single mother at 19. During that time, Hall disclosed that despite her hardships, her mother and grandfather-- whom she considered her first father figure--instilled certain values that helped her see beyond life's limitations.

"My mother was a single mom at 19, and my first father figure was my grandfather. Whether it was allowing me to run outside in the sun as long as I wanted or giving me a diary—and saying, "Write!"—they instilled in me a life without limits," she said.

Hall feels the values she was taught helped set a tone in her overall life, professionally and personally, because she believed she could succeed in anything she put her mind to.

"Fast-forward to starting the show and walking into meetings with people who'd tell me every well-known person whose show did not work out. I had to look past that," she said while discussing the reluctance she received from people as she started her talk show. “Just because something didn't work out for someone else doesn't mean it won't for you."

Tamron On Refusing To Listen To Naysayers

Hall would add that the foundation of those lessons also benefited her during her pregnancy journey as a handful of people negatively reacted to the news due to her age by sharing their "horror stories."

The mother of one told the publication that those moments made her realize that the only opinion that mattered regarding her life and her decisions were her own.

"I'm glad I've refused limitations others placed on me. I see my choices as perfect for me, and I'm grateful for every one of them," she said.

Since then, Hall has been motivating her fans to strive for whatever they want to do with their lives by not only offering tips on her show and social media but also displaying the balance of love, family, and career so that they, too, can have it all.

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