'I Want To Be The Color In My Home': Jackie Aina Gives Tour Of Her Posh Neutral Tone Pad
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'I Want To Be The Color In My Home': Jackie Aina Gives Tour Of Her Posh Neutral Tone Pad

Jackie Aina is the embodiment of Black girl luxury, and her crib is no exception. Located in a ritzy area in Los Angeles, CA, Jackie’s home is equipped with all the things every fancy girl needs: an upscale kitchen, elevator, and fabulous pool. Luckily for us, the YouTuber opened up her home with the ultimate house tour. In a video on Tayo Aina’s (no relation) YouTube channel, Jackie goes from room to room, showing us her interior design style while also dishing on her life and career.

Jackie began making beauty content on YouTube in 2009, and from there, she’s grown her empire through collaborations with makeup brands like Too Faced. Now, she is the co-founder of the candle company FORVR Mood. The former Army reservist is known for her colorful personality, but her home is the opposite, which is on purpose. “Personally, because I have such a big, bold, colorful personality, I like to dress big and bold, I want to be the color in my home,” she said. “I don’t want my home to be the color. I want you to see me.”

She continued, “I want the house to be calming, and I want the house to blend in. I don’t want it to attract too much attention.” Her home may not be screaming look at me, but it’s definitely giving quiet luxury. Check it out below:

Breakfast Nook

Tayo Aina/ YouTube

Jackie revealed that she and her fiancé, Denis Asamoah, eat their meals at their breakfast nook daily.


Tayo Aina/ YouTube

“When my fiancé and I bought this house, I really wanted a double island kitchen, and the irony is like I don’t cook at all,” she said. Jackie explained that because she’s Black, African, and a woman, she’s expected to cook, and she doesn’t like doing what’s expected. “Why can’t I be good at other things? Like that doesn’t make me a woman if I don’t cook in the [kitchen].

Family Room

Tayo Aina/ YouTube

The star of the family room is the big, L-shaped white couch, and according to the YouTube star, her couch is so comfy you can melt into it.


Tayo Aina/ YouTube

Jackie’s office houses the trophies and plagues that she received from YouTube and Shopify.


Tayo Aina/ YouTube

The entrepreneur’s backyard has the same feel as the inside of the house. It has a gigantic pool and comfortable seating. “I’m very big on enjoy it while you have it,” she said.

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Feature image by Tayo Aina/ YouTube

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