How I Reconnected With The Word 'P*ssy' And The Power Of My Vagina

Black Girl Bliss' 'Pussy Prayers' helped me redefine self-pleasure and embrace what's between my legs.

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Growing up, I used to cringe when I heard the word "pussy". I knew that word just made me feel uncomfortable, even when I reached my mid-20s. There's an old saying that goes, "You fear what you don't know," and I was afraid to embrace the power that started from within, especially between my legs. I have read many books during my childhood, but if there is one book that I wish I had when I was younger, it would be Pussy Prayers: Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color by Black Girl Bliss.

The book starts with asking how the reader feels about the infamous p-word and the revelations involved in demystifying its use. It also gets into redefining other aspects of our reproductive parts and what we believe about sex. As I continue on my journey of womanhood, I've developed a profound understanding of why I need to embrace self-pleasure while releasing the restrictions and shame that was placed upon me as a young girl.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you read "self-pleasure" is masturbation, but let's go a little deeper. "Self-pleasure doesn't have to equate to sex," Black Girl Bliss notes.

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My pussy was a reflection of how I was feeling mentally and emotionally due to my lack of poor judgment in my physical actions. Once I began the healing process of reconnecting and respecting my pussy, I learned how to set boundaries and remove anyone or anything that no longer served me. Now that's what you call real self-pleasure.

I realized that I needed to be more protective of my body, and during those times I wasn't, it showed through my pussy.

Not only did this book feed me with the knowledge of reconnecting with my pussy, but it features self-care practices through affirmations, rituals, and meditations. Pussy Prayers has taught me that whatever method I want to use to increase my feminine powers, I must do it consistently and intentionally. Whether it's vaginal steaming or using coochie-cleansing crystals, nothing will work if I don't put the consistent effort behind it.

Additionally, one of my favorite sections in the book is called "Yummy Yoni Foods," dedicated to those who want to increase their pussy's frequency and overall well-being. Black Girl Bliss details vitamins and nutrients that are great for this in the book, and the foods that made the list also aid in balancing vaginal pH levels. I mean, who doesn't want to taste and smell good?

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I am a huge advocate of breaking generational curses and helping fellow women heal from trauma while we all continue to be the best version of ourselves. This book has inspired me to have conversations with other women, speaking life over our experiences---even when those experiences are shameful, depressing, or traumatic.

I have been reminded to lean more into my divine strength and trust my pussy power even more. Besides, if anyone has my best interests at heart, I know it's my own pussy.

Pussy Prayers: Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color puts awkward sex conversations to shame. This book not only gives you a history lesson of pussies being praised throughout many centuries, but it also teaches you the importance of reclaiming your power. Whether it's through pleasuring your yoni or harnessing your femininity to manifest the life that you've envisioned for yourself, there is something special about increasing that power during your journey of womanhood. And I encourage you to start using it now.

Find out more about Black Girl Bliss and her book via her Instagram or listen to this podcast where she talks self-empowerment and more.

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