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How To Thrive And Make The Most Of Your 'Outside' Season

The warm weather, fresh energy, longer days, and renewed social energy have made the phrase “we outside” echo through the internet streets, signifying collective reemergence. Over the last few months, many of us have taken a prolonged period of solitude and healing to cultivate a new season of our lives. And now that summer has arrived, it’s only right that we take our newly evolved selves outside for all the world to see.

When we say we’re outside, it’s not just in the physical sense; it’s in the way we’re showing up and showcasing the newus. At times, the healing process can cause us to be so wrapped up in identifying our trauma and balancing the weight of shame that we can forget to enjoy the progress we’ve already made.

Healing doesn’t just happen through shadow work and insolation. Just like spring follows winter, after dealing with the darkness of our healing, we need to have a little fun. Could it be that for the summer, you take time to enjoy being outside of your mind, outside of needing to constantly improve, and outside of your sad-girl era?

Thriving in the summer means putting down the self-help books and picking up a hobby. It means applying what you’ve learned through therapy to connect with your friends and community. It means saying yes to the things that the “old” version of you would turn down due to self-doubt and fear.

It’s releasing the fear of being perceived and embodying the social, happy, and bold version of yourself.

You didn’t do all that healing for you to keep it to yourself. That’s why we’re sharing a few ways to embrace your outside season and thrive in the summer months ahead:

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​Reconnect with the outdoors.

In this case, when we say, "We outside,” we mean it literally. The summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of the warmer weather by spending more time outdoors. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, strolling through a local park, enjoying a picnic, or immersing yourself in nature. Grab your bike, get a pair of roller skates, or even join a local running club. Be active and get social.

Meet new people in person. 

We know how cringy the thought of making eye contact with a stranger can be these days, but the love of your life or a new friend could be on the other side of a hello or compliment. When you go out, don’t just keep to yourself or the people you came to the function with; mingle with the people outside with you or go to an event or happy hour by yourself. You never know what new connection could come from it.

​Explore new hobbies.

The best way to overcome boredom is to get your hands busy with a new hobby. Channel your inner aficionados and pick up a playful trade that can enrich your alone time. From painting to pottery, crafting to crocheting, and even hiking or gardening, trying your hand at something new not only gives you something to look forward to but can add to your summer resume.

​Create a summer bucket list.

The good thing about the summer is that it gives you a time phrase to put all of your social events into. Creating a summer bucket list is the perfect way to organize all of your summer plans to ensure you're making the most of the extended sunlight and radiant energy. Add attractions you want to visit, restaurants you want to try, concerts you want to attend, and goals you want to hit and watch the memories be made.

​Release your inner social butterfly.

There’s something about the summer that makes us instantly more social. So why not use this time to get in your hosting bag and be the friend that connects friends over dinners, drinks, and game nights? Enter your hosting era by throwing a pool party, barbecue, beach day, or plan a weekend getaway. These shared experiences can help rebuild social bonds, help form new connections, and be someone’s reason to get dressed up and mingle.

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