Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 4

Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 4

Summer is ending and we may need to speak to the manager. Summer 2021 brought about a joy and bliss that we didn't get to experience last year. Now that it's dwindling, it feels like we are being put on punishment again. *In Caresha's voice* "Ion like dat!" We can say we are thankful for the amplified magic this season has brought to our wardrobes. Mini skirts, crop tops, platforms, geometric sunglasses, 70s prints, and textures were all the rage this summer. The girls definitely leaned into their fashions this season and have given us some major inspo.

In this week's installment of our favorite Style IGs, you'll notice that these queens have their sights set on slaying all the scenes. The back-to-school vibes take on a new meaning as these badass, Black women school us on pushing through in the most stylish ways. Ahead, find the line-up of lewks that you can copy and paste with ease.

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Featured image courtesy of @kelseyandrea_/Instagram

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