Halle Berry Says These Are The Must-Haves Every Woman Needs In 2023
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Halle Berry Says These Are The Must-Haves Every Woman Needs In 2023

When it comes to sharing the secrets behind her great skin, Halle Berry is continuing to do the Lord’s work and sittin’ pretty while doing so. As a firm believer in not gatekeeping the products that work for her, the 56-year-old Bruised star shared her favorites from last year that she thinks everyone, especially women, can benefit from in the months to come. “I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE things I think every woman should have in 2023,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Hope these goodies bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me.”

We’d be remiss to come across such recommendations and not share them with the xoNecole readers, so here we are, sharing the tea the Hollywood beauty recently spilled. Scroll for Ms. Berry’s favorite things that keep her skin on glow, inside and out. As Halle says, let's "get into it."

Heal the Need Rescue & Recovery Serum

Olga Lorencin

A long-time user of Olga Lorencin skincare products, Halle has leveled up her beauty routine in 2022 by reaching for this favorite. “You’re going to need this for your face in 2023. Trust me. You put this on, you wake up, you got a new face,” Halle shares in her video. “It happens to me every morning. Believe me.”

This restoring oil-based serum delivers a deeply hydrating and reparative experience to your face thanks to ingredients like avocado oil and marula seed oil. If you want a more even skin tone and an intensely moisturized glow, look no further than this serum.

Olga Lorencin

Knesko Skin Masks


These Reiki-charged, natural collagen masks are coveted and adored by many for a reason. "If you don't know about the KNESKO masks -- face masks, neck masks, lip masks -- get into it," she shares. "These are the best face masks I have found." Prepare to brighten, balance, and rejuvenate in 2023 and beyond.


Akkermansia Probiotics


Halle swears by this probiotic “for ultimate gut health.” “We all know that when your gut is healthy, your organs are healthy, your skin is healthy, your hair is healthy -- everything is healthy when your gut is healthy," she says. "Akkermansia is at a wonderful price point. You don't have to keep it in the refrigerator like some probiotics that are really powerful. This will change your life because it will change your gut."


Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask


Referring to this mask as her "favorite, favorite" hair conditioner of the moment is only one of the things Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask has working in its favor. The deeply hydrating mask is infused with keratin, making it the perfect solution for dry, damaged hair. The lightweight formula transforms brittle strands of all hair types with the help of ultra-nourishing ingredients.

Virtue Labs

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