7 Brands That Offer Foundation Shades For Darker Skin
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7 Brands That Offer Foundation Shades For Darker Skin

As a darker-toned woman, the sad reality is, many of us are left out of the realms of brands' thoughtfulness when it comes to offering a diverse shade range.

Thankfully, nowadays, more brands have sought to be inclusive in relation to women of the darker persuasion. And while we can definitely say that not all brands are onboard with expanding their shade range, we can say that it is slowly becoming easier to find brands to support that DO.

Here are 7 brands that actually are working to be inclusive, and places you can gladly spend your #coins.

Fenty Beauty

Y'all know we couldn't do this list without including a brand that helped spark many conversations in the beauty industry. Even though Rihanna's coveted line was not the first line to be inclusive, it definitely made people discuss what a brand looks like when it tries to include more people (also as a reminder, the initial foundation launch had 40 shades). Rih even said, "Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That's the real reason I made this line."


With Lupita Nyong'o as its poster child, Lancome is a brand we can definitely stand behind—especially with 40 shades of foundational magic. The amazing thing about Lancome's foundation range is it gives you full coverage and a long-wearing feel. Oh, and did we mention that the formula took eight years of research to perfect? Anything that requires time and effort is something we definitely have to support.


While we love a good splurge at Sephora, it's wonderful to see drugstore brands be inclusive and mindful of multiple budgets. At only $11, the L'Oreal True Match Foundation comes in 33 shades, and gives you a natural finish with a formula that is safe for all skin types. Yasss!

Make Up For Ever

Another brand that gives us shade after shade of #BlackGirlMagic. With 42 shades ranging from Alabaster to Dark Brown, Make Up For Ever has a medium coverage foundation that has perfected its formula for 4K technology. Simply put, it'll make you look flawless and natural on camera and out on the town with your friends.


Though some may wonder if black|Up is as inclusive as other brands out there, considering it only offers 15 shades in its foundation line. But you have to take into account that the brand is specifically made for women of color. It's a French beauty brand that highlights and formulates its foundation specifically for the needs of darker skin tones, so there is no need to worry about having a full-coverage foundation with misdiagnosed undertones. The brand has various shades with different undertones, making it easier to have a shade for everybody.


Yooooo, their Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation has 46 shade colors. That's crazy, but honestly, every brand should seek to have the same. It's a powder foundation that does the job of a foundation and a powder. So if you're going for full coverage glam, you'll achieve that in this diverse line that really shows that everyone CAN have representation in the makeup industry.


NARS stole our hearts with their radiant creamy concealer, but honestly, their natural radiant longwear foundation is turning heads. With 33 shades available, it's a lightweight foundation that promises 16 hours worth of wear. Oh, and let's note that the impressive collection offers at least 15 shades exclusively for brown skin. Now THAT is impressive.

What brands are you loving for their shade inclusivity?

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