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Jennifer Hudson And Common Dangle Rumored Relationship On Her Talk Show: 'A Happy Place For Me'

Rumors about Jennifer Hudson and Common dating have been swirling since 2022 after having several outings together. However, they have been coy about their relationship. All of that came to a head yesterday when the rapper/ actor stopped by his alleged boo's talk show. Common joined the EGOT winner on The Jennifer Hudson Show, and the two dished on growing up in Chicago and their relationship--sort of. The "Glory" artist graced the set and brought the singer a bouquet of flowers, and the first question she asked him was if he was dating someone. While he didn't confirm that he was dating the singer, he dropped major hints that he was.

"I'm in a relationship that is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met in life. She's smart; she loves God. She has something real down to earth about her," he said. "She's talented, but I set my standard kinda high 'cause she had to have an EGOT. She had to win an Oscar on her first movie. I set my standards high; she had to have her own talk show."

And if that wasn't enough, he slyly referred to his relationship as a "happy place," which is the show's theme song.

Throughout the show, they continued to playfully ignore the obvious, which is they are dating each other, but there was no denying it. Jennifer made the comment that they "end up at a lot of the same places," which led to a conversation about their night out at Usher's Las Vegas residency. He even brought her a pair of sneakers after she said she liked them. How cute!

Who knows if they will ever officially say they are together, but until then, we'll take what we can get. The actors met on set of the film Breathe and from there have been spotted out grabbing dinner and even attending a NBA game. Initially, the Respect star shut down the dating rumors. However, in a November 2023 interview with CBS MorningsGayle King, she confirmed that she was seeing someone.

Before Common, Jennifer married professional wrestler David Otunga, and they share a 14-year-old son. Common's dating history has been an ongoing hot topic as he has been linked to Serena Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, and more. He also has a 27-year-old daughter.

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